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Shift of focus? Improvements to PR ?

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Looking at other developer teams (for example CSGO, Rust) I feel like the Eclipse Dev Team has a lot of quick things to learn.

-- PR --

One of those would be an improvement to PR, there should be a public board of what features are in development and which bugs are identified, in progress or completed (but not deployed yet). This could help as people could give feedback and help set the priority of those (in the end, it's those people who will actually play on the server and use those features).

-- Update Frequency --

The updates must be more frequent (even if smaller). Looking at the older update reports I see a huge gap between October 2017 and June 2018 and I see that there hasn't been an update for 2months+. This will not only improve the player experience, but will also help development: releasing smaller updates is less bug prone as there are less changes in the codebase.

This could boost the overall morale for both sides (devs and players). More frequent updates will provide a sense of caring for the server (as there seem to be a lot of players who think the developers abandoned the project), and getting immediate positive feedback will provide a morale boost for developers.

-- Shift of focus --

When I started playing, I literally got nothing else to do but trucking (or nothing else has been presented to me at least). And the peak of the RP experience on this server is when you join a faction or an experienced gang. I think there should be more jobs/activities for new people that could ease their entry into the more complex part of the RP experience. From what I saw people talking about, the next big update will be related to criminals, I think more civilian jobs should be added. 

I saw suggestions of a Hunting activity for example, this should be easy to implement as there is one already coded on the ragemp website under resources. Activities don't need to be complex to be interesting.

-- Fin --

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Activities for new players is something that should be prioritized in terms of development to ensure that we get a new flow of players who wish to stay on the server whilst having fun, instead of being limited to trucker/bus/courier etc.

Supporting the hunting job suggestion! Good post.

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Thank you for your suggestion. As some time has passed, this has already been implemented, or this suggestion is no longer relevant/viable, it has been moved to our archive. We appreciate you taking the time to post a suggestion thread and encourage more posts in the future.


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