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Issue with Connection to Server

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Hey all,


I'm not very tech-savvy, so apologies if the following explanation is a little off.


I'm having some really annoying issues getting Rage to load into the Eclipse server....

When I launch the game via Rage it loads onto the game screen and connects to the server "Requesting Packages...", "Download Started!" and "Download Complete!" appears.

A few seconds later the two "Lost Connection" messages appear, and when the "Connected to server - Requesting packages..." appears again the game completely freezes and fails. At no point does the game advance to the login screen options.

This has happened for quite awhile now (funny enough started to happen right around when the server changed to winter/snow conditions).

I've tried to solve this myself verifying the gta v files as well as reinstalling Rage based on the instructional links below;




Firewall and Antivirus settings are also set accordingly to recommendations.

Connection to the internet is directly wired to my modem, and I'm getting an excellent signal.


The thing is, this doesnt always happen. I can load the game up some days and I log straight in with no issues at all (or after only 1 or 2 start ups following the above errors). Though I can also go days at a time of trying for 3-4 hours per day to get in and just don't. Any help or advise would be awesome.




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Hey @CycloneDavid,

This happens to players a lot more than you think. Give this a try, when you connect to the server, you will see a bald person standing on a street. You may see in the bottom right "Loading Packages", in the text box on the top left it will say "Connected to Eclipse Server". Once the "Loading Packages" in the bottom right has disappeared, keep an eye on the mini-map on the bottom left. As soon as the map icons load in, press HOME button to bring up the Rockstar Social Club overlay. Wait 2-3 minutes, then press ESC. If done correctly and at the right times, you will load the login box straight away.

Let me know if this helps at all. If not we can take it further.


Kind Regards

Varakai - Senior Support

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