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Trucker Skill System (Improvement of Trucker Job)

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Why do we need to improve trucker job?


As we all know most of server money is earned from factions, we need to improve basic jobs like postal, garbage, truckers.

But this thread made to discuss about truckers, trying to put more effort and interest to trucker job and people who like to roleplay as a trucker.

One of the strong reasons of why people join factions is making money, not doing it for fun and to improve their "in-game skills" they mostly do it to improve their wealth - everyone would be replaced in their faction some day and get fired no matter what reason.
Begining of being broke start from when leaving current faction and not getting paid hourly and basically just bored playing this server because there is nothing to do and we always based on faction money not on basic jobs probably, we have now increased taxes so it would be even more disappointing, we can apply again to other factions but it could still happen some day then you would have nothing in your hand and just broke and bored as hell.

Let's say - You don't want to join a faction because you are not interesting in any of their jobs or unfit to any of them or just having a bad reputation or some other reason then finding yourself joining a faction just for money and not to roleplay then not having fun in eclipse, all you do is making money and transferring it into criminal alt. at all it's a game and we should do something we like, not to make money in the worst unliked method (aka joining a faction).

Also good for people who are tired of switching factions anytime or transferring from alts, on the other hand I don't want to be a criminal or join any criminal faction sounds like cops and robbers, we can do business like buying and selling stuff but this method probably doesn't suppose to be the main money method, we have taxes in buying and selling cars either.
we need a main money method that don't necessarily require to commit crimes or join factions that's a fact, new players are joining the server daily and they has very little choices other than to run legal jobs until they earn enough money to buy cars and weapons, from my experience in eclipse I see LOTS of people who are unemployed and just bored, seems like people that are not fit or failed to join any faction they wished but they still want to play and they NEED a good place in eclipse too!

Here is my idea - Trucker Skill System - Like a "faction" that anyone can join. - This idea can be used on other jobs.
I provided why we should have it added, to be a trucker and to improve yourself as a trucker you need to work hard!

Beginning of new trucker is Skill Level 1 to Skill Level 5, Basically 5 levels when leveling up the trucker earn new benefits and extra percentages per deliver.
don't you think these bonuses are too high because faction players gets shitload of money for doing VERY LESS than truckers
Trucker job is addictive!

SKILL LEVELS - Benefits and details:

Level 1 - "Newbie Trucker" No benefits and can't use personal truck, 60 shipments required to level up. (Total 60 Shipments)

Level 2 - Bonus %10 cash per shipment, can use personal truck, 100 shipments required to level up. (Total 160 Shipments)

Level 3 - Increased bonus cash from %10 to %20 earnings, 150 shipments required to level up. (Total 310 Shipments)

Level 4 - Unlocked illegal shipments, available to deliver illegal stuffs (Can choose to start legal or illegal shipments).
Random Pistol (EXAMPLE: Combat Pistol, Pistol 50., Regular Pistol, Revolver) and random ammount of ammo or Extra 2K to pocket.
-illegal shipment is taking a risk and police can arrest you for that.
The only way you can get a free illegal revolver I guess. 300 shipments required to level up (Total 610 Shipments)
also low chance of shipping an illegal revolver which is good.

Level 5 - Master trucker, Increased bonues from %20 to %25, Unlocked free illegal ammo, you can choose what type of ammo you want.
Can still do shipments but no more additional benefits.

COMMAND FOR ILLEGAL SHIPMENT: /illegalshipment - opens menu, able to choose extras (required Skill Level 4+)

COMMAND FOR LEVELS: /truckerlevel
displays as: "[TRUCKER JOB] Level 1, You have more 60 shipments to achieve level 2."


Boat shipments is basically doing the same thing but with boats.
will expand this idea if people show interest

You can leave the server and come back after long time, the trucker job will accept you any time!
Are you unfit to any faction or even any criminal faction? join trucker job!

Are you tired of your boss? leave them and join trucker job!
Are you tired of being broke? join trucker job today and get paid for your actual job!

can rename trucker job to trucker company, more details of the idea would be added if people show interest.
If you see this as negative effect to the server please explain why or even improve/change the idea.

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4 minutes ago, gohena said:


they had a system like this on an old samp server i use to play, all jobs you can can level up from level 1-5 the more you do it.

Yes, I have been playing too
People used to farm this job alot and really liked to spend hours doing shipments and getting progress.

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