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Opinion required down here

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So I’m just a casual SA:MP player with outrageous amount of experience on Full RolePlay servers in SAMP industry, but there are several questions I’d like to bring up here.

I’m from Slovakia and  I do speak fluent English so none issues seen here, but will I face any ping issues? Will it be hard to get used to RolePlay here and is level of RP proper on this server?

I’m too tired playing San Andreas for about 5-6 years and really want to switch, but each bloody time I get too scared and quit.

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If you're from Slovakia, there shouldnt be any problem regarding ping. Most roleplay here is done by VoIP, so almost no text. So RPing on here is quite the same, you use quite alot of /me and /do's just like in SAMP or MTA.

Just try it out, meet some people and decide if you like it or not 😉

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