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Joseph Petrov

Police helicopters are too overpowered

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I believe that police helicopters have far too much fuel onboard.

I think if they needed to land and refuel it would actually give criminals a better chance to escape the flying wallhack machine.

I know realism is fun but when you're trying to do criminal activities in a small group it's incredibly disheartening to get caught by several cruisers, 2 bikes and a heli just to go to jail for 5 hours and ruin the bank account.


Do you think something needs changed to the police chase scenarios?

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I'm not against decreasing the fuel on helicopters but another thing I would like to see is enforcing detailed RP for pre-flight checks. This would delay the rate at which a helicopter can get into the air and into the chase giving the person evading that extra minute or two to try and lose the ground units before the helicopter can make it there.

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I think this is now the 3rd or 4th suggestion/discussion open now about LEO vs Crim and vehicle chases. If you have suggestions regarding a specific faction, I recommend reaching out directly to that faction's leadership rather than just rant for the 10,000,000,000,000th time on the forums about the same thing. For PD you can reach out to Kris, and for SD FatherOsborn! You will see more productive results and discussion that way. 

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