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First person view while driving

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So as you probably already understand from the the topic, my offer is that while driving it would be only possible to look from first person view and that it wouldn't be possible to change to third person,  this kind of change I think would make driving experience feel more realistic, if this thing would be confirmed and added then also car mirrors should be fixed - allowing you to see through them. So I am not going to write a lot of text here, because the offer itself is really simple. 

Give a + if you agree that it would be nice to have. 


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28 minutes ago, Shannon said:

-1 most people find it so hard to drive in first person... if people want to drive in 1st person then they can do that

Plus lots of crashes could happen from this

Some people find hard driving also with third person and a lot of crashes happening either way, but as I said before it would be more realistic.

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