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My idea is of actually having a support channel to seek help with server issues through the discord? There are some of us that actually have server issues and we get ignored in the "i have a question" channel. But then someone will come in and ask a non sense question about car color or something and gets 15 replies. I submit a report in game to get help, I get told to ask in the "i have a question" channel, i inform the admin that I, myself and others have asked multiple times and been ignored. The response then is too make a forum report. Like how is this justified server support. Like currently because the server developers wanted to fix a problem that wasn't there, they decided to transfer to Rage's voip system instead of the one we used this whole time. Which in turn has caused an INFINITE number of glitches in game for voip, constant sound problems and not being able to hear certain people but hear others, It has dramatically effected RP. So today my game once again started to glitch and the sound was messed up so I re logged and now I cannot connect back to the servers. I get told to "re download rage" which is the cookie cutter answer that we all get from support. So I re download rage, and now I cant download all the server files because, shocker, it wasn't a rage issue its a ECRP issue. I ask in "i have a question" channel no response. I voice my opinion on lack of support in the support channel and a certain member claps back with a "this isn't their job" well even if it isn't there "job" at least find support that have time to actually support the community by finding solutions to the problems that the dev's are causing.

TLDRl; make an actual support channel in discord or something so people can actually get support for problems the devs are causing.

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