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Character appearance does not update

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Date and time (provide timezone): 20/08/2022 - 14:54 GMT+2

Character name: Loryiana Angelo

Issue/bug you are reporting: My character had plastic surgery some time ago, but recently it has come to my attention, through some screenshots that friends have sent me or have been posted around, that my character looks are different to other people, it is as if the changes that have been made through said plastic surgery did not save for others, my character has her old face unless I do the /resync command, and it resets again to the old face if I enter or exit and building. Today I was paid by an admin in game, so that I could have another plastic surgery, to see if it would help with this issue and overwrite my looks, but sadly it did not work.

Expected behavior:  I hope this issue can be solved, fixing my character

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate




Vehicle license plate number*

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I want to support this with my own experience, people see me like this:
But I always see myself like this: 

When I /resync in front of people they see the correct, newer, bottom one.

The first picture was my head shape before plastic surgery (like 2 years ago now) so people see some of the old features.

Notable issues in the same area, when I go to do plastic surgery, when I edit some sliders (namely skin color and head shape), then change it back to the exact value, the the character looks majorly different. 

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+1 Experienced very similar issues lately with a new character i created.  Good to know I am not the only one that has experienced something like this was starting to think I was going crazy. 🤪  Unfortunately, I won't be submitting images however one thing that is a bit different in addition to experiencing this was that I also loaded in one day after a re-log with my character suddenly having lipstick that it never had previously. After inquiring about it and attempts to re-sync was informed I could submit a refund request but chose to avoid some possible meta on a new character and just put a bit of a grind on and spent another 30k to adjust or remove lipstick that wasn't really there. Seems to look okay for me viewing my own character now but occasionally it seems I appear different to others at times. 


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+1, after seeing this topic and happening to more people, I decided to test it on my character, and it's the same for me too.

This is my character of how the people see me, with a puffy cheeks and the jaw is wide


And this is how I see myself.


Hopefully we'll get the fix soon, because 30k for a plastic surgery is not a little bit of money, especially if that doesn't really work. 


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