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[Bug] Drags no longer maxed after vehicle update

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Date and time (provide timezone): 12/8/22 3:45AM EST

Character name: Nick Draco

Issue/bug you are reporting: Drags lost 1 mod level in performance (minus turbo)

Expected behavior:  Should still be maxed out

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicatehttps://imgur.com/a/ZM4PbdF
My drag was maxed out before the new car update, now it no longer seems to be. Aleks tested other cars and it seems to be just the drag for now but there may be other cars involved.
Vehicle license plate number*: DNTCHASE

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There is no need to worry, your vehicle has the same mods as it had, but due to new mods added by Rockstar, your vehicle is no longer maxed out as you do not have the newest mods anymore. Rockstar added new performances mods for some vehicles, although, the update is meant for the console release, so I cannot confirm that these new mods give any actual boosts.

Affected car list:

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