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Learning to become a Mechanic

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I believe that it would be a huge aspect to the server if there was a Mechanic school type system implemented somewhere in LS.

It would be great for people to start side businesses fixing other people's cars.

Although while implementing this, I think this system should tell you what is wrong with the car.

Maybe using a command such as /inspectcar - Then it showing what the issues is with the vehicle;

Then knowing the knowledge from the school, you can go to the Auto Parts store and get the parts needed.

Once you have the parts, you should be able to /repairvehicle, if it's just yours without charge, but you should have access to /mechoffer so that you get labor added on.

I feel like this could bring much roleplay around.

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There is actually a few player made businesses that have started up that can repair peoples vehicles with the right IC planning and interactions.
There's also progress on an IC Los Santos University that might cover the RP aspect of 'learning' how to do things.
However if you mean for anyone and everyone being able to fix cars willy nilly then I'm not a fan of that.

People can currently replace popped tires I believe through the chop system if they have the spare parts and maybe a few other things

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I go both ways on this one. I like the concept of learning skills and being able to expand RP opportunities for "DIY" or player owned businesses, but there were several updates this year to try and push players to central areas and RP hubs, such as removing many hospitals or usable police stations. I feel that if everyone was able to just fix their own car or there were too many player owned businesses that could do it, then it would spread everyone out again and too few people would want to go to LSC or Bayview. 

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This is not a bad idea overall however considering that the Mechanic job is a government type job it would really drive people away from going to the mechanic to get stuff fixed when you can invest some time in the ''RP School'' and then do all your repairs yourself. Mechanics at LSC and Bayview would sit around bored, also, there's a chance that people would not RP repairs the way mechanics are required by factions and it would be next to impossible to make sure that people are doing the RP. 


I do, however, believe that maybe the pricing of things at the Mechanics could be adjusted, not sure how but certain prices of things are a bit out there. 

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