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Carl Vespucci

The solution to the housing shortage

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All over, houses are rarely for sale via GPS. I've traveled door-door to try and find houses for sale to start up a real-estate business. I think that most houses purchased most likely have a player who purchased it, then may have moved from the city. Houses also are extremely unaffordable for the newer/intermediate players. Once you have been established for a long time will you be able to afford that million dollar price tag.


Solution: No longer value the price of the house at 100% to buy it, change to a mortgage system that is on a weekly basis. (Sundays). Every Sunday you would visit the bank and have an option to pay mortgage. 5% of property value.

Failing to pay your mortgage for that week will cause you to pay a penalty fee. (Added amounts are paid as a debt not towards mortgage)

Failure to pay for 3 weeks in a row, would cause your house to be auctioned off, and you to accumulate debt from failure to pay mortgage. Thus throwing the house back onto market in 3 weeks vs 90 days. This would throw houses back into rotation faster, creating a whole new environment/business(Real-estate)

Incentive: The reason for suggested changes is the following.

1.) This system will take place of the 90 day wait on housing, freeing up a lot more houses faster.

2.) This gives the player opportunity, the player that may not be able to afford a $12,000,000 price tag, would now have a weekly $600,000 mortgage to keep track of and balance finances for. This also helps the new player, with a 1G apartments $17,000 a week is completely obtainable as long as they are wiling to stay on the straight and narrow and not get arrested/acquire debts, ETC.

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As for your advertising issue, there are IC ways to advertise houses already! Yes, some of them could use improvement, but its not a massive issue.

As for your mortgage idea, there are player ran businesses IC that offer loans for this kind of thing as well already. I personally bought a 4G 4 mill house in Vinewood using a loan and paid it off over the course of 4-6 weeks. Inquire in game to figure some of that out though. 

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