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Give Oil Mining more Value

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Hey everyone,

I think Oil mining is now dead since it got more challenging and there is much better paying jobs out there. I would like to propose that you add more features to the oil so that we can sell it to players for a higher price. 

What I mean is to make Oil usable to power Warehouses, stores and some equipment used in chopping cars or even better refueling Gas Stations.

The way it works is that people could go buy Oil from factory for much higher price, but for a lower price from players yet riskier.

I think it will add a whole new type of bussiness RP. Trust me, Gas station owners will now have to do some RP to refill their stations. 

Edit: I forgot to add that organisations will now get to hire people to mine oil for them to make more profit to do big oil trade. 

Please give your honest opinion on this suggestion and thanks for reading.

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