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Move a car = yes - a motorcycle? = no?

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Hello people, just as it sayas in the title, I've been playing in this server for about a week give or take and I was shocked to find out that the scirpt allows the players move a car that's about 5 times heavier than a motorcycle, but you can't apparently move a motorcycle, god knows why.

Here in this screenshot you can see that my motorcycle ran out of fuel about literally 10 feet away from a gas station, and now after trying to figure out a way I can either move it or get it fueled up for the past 20 minutes without wasting 3k dollars I work my ass off for on a freaking Jerrycan which apparently I can't even carry in the first place.
I assume that alot of you had encountered an issue similar to this at least once and wondered, why the fuck can we not move a motorcycle? as a former owner of a superbike, despite these toys typically weight around 180-200kg, I could drag it a couple of meters away without even breaking a sweat. So for you dear scripters, understand my point of view and add it to the script, please?



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35 minutes ago, IAmTurtle said:

I think it was just overlooked when writing the script. And most likely due to how bikes work and there was not a way to make pushing them look good.

Do you think there would be a problem to add a script where the person/rider would simply stand next to his motorcycle - and push it by holding both of the motorcycle's grips as he simply walks it up? 

Let me show you an illustration.


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