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Incident Management Job Tweaks and QOL changes

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Hello Fellow Eclipsians, Now, we've all come to love (and hate) the Incident Management job and those who do this job on the regular.

It's notable for creating a larger social interaction between others, and well.... the drivers being absolute menaces, but that's not particularly the focus of todays thread.

The focus of todays thread is more geared towards QOL changes that would make the map as a whole feel more lively, and make it so that we're not quite doing Unionized Construction work RP and having half of us sit on our behinds for most of the job.

The first QOL suggestion is one that many have complained about in game, though I've seen no mention of it OOCly on the discord or the forums, and that is the cancellation of the action timer.

As Action timers themselves work, if you do another animation, It'll cancel your action timer, However the Food and Water action timers don't necessarily follow that same thing to a T.
With many people choosing text based RP over voice sometimes, myself included, they find themselves unable to respond to radio communications should they be engrossed in a task.

Not only is this frustrating, but, also, it can be used as a tool to grief others.

As it stands, currently if you call someone, and then hang up, If they're on a job task, They'll get it cancelled.

Just a very annoying thing to deal with all around.

The next QOL change I propose has 2 alternatives : The first being implement an additional Incident site when there are more than say, 10 people working the Incident Job.

The second one is, Limit the job site selection, to larger jobs should there be so many extra people.

I'm more of a fan of Option 1, as it brings more liveliness to the map as opposed to limiting opportunities like the second choice.

That's pretty much it for now. Thanks for your time and your consideration.

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I do like the changes to the action timer, as this can be frustrating to not be able to text RP or anything during a task. 


I would also like to see some changes to how many is given.  For example, if there are 30 spots and there are 35 workers, that leaves 5 people without any work.  Perhaps if money was shared based on the percentage of the task they completed, and perhaps the timer speeds up the more people working on something.  Realistically, if 3 people are completing one task, the task should be completed sooner.  But, as it stands, only one person can financially benefit from doing one hotspot at a time.  My suggestion is if someone does 60% of the task, they get 60% of the reward, and the rest is divided up.


I know there would be some tweaking to make this work and balanced, but the ideas is there.


I am also not opposed to adding a secondary location, this way maybe the work load is more balanced.  Now it seems you can drive all the way to a site and get no money because all the spots are being worked on (which supports what I stated above, on making it an incentive to help others out).

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