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Character Bio:

What's up world, the name's Shotty Johnson if you don't already know. Let me tell you a bit about myself and how I ended up here in Los Santos rolling with a Cartel of all things. See, I grew up in Philadelphia, a big city in the heart of Pennsylvania. The life in Philadelphia varies depending on where you grew up. For me? I grew up in a neighborhood we called 'The Bottom', a crime and drug infested area around the 33rd-40th streets of West Philadelphia. You couldn't walk to the Papi store without seeing someone serving a fiend or getting booked by the Police. See growing up in poverty, I know how it feels to have nothing to your name, no money, living off of public assistance, just living off of scraps really. I know what it's like to have no heat in the winter, having to open the oven door all night just to heat up the house. If I were to think back as to how all of this shit began in my life, I would tell you that this all began from childhood leading up to the age of 18. Specifically from Middle school on forward. The middle school I used to go to was called George W. Pepper Middle School and I can honestly say, that school molded the best and worst parts of my life. See most people in the school just wanted to find a way that they belong. The boys and girls in the school were separated into different sections, having no contact with each other. So as you can imagine with teenage boys all squeezed together in a classroom of 20 or so seats, fights broke out often for the silliest of shit. Everyone wanted to be the most popular and most feared guy in school and so began the the start of the class separations from best to worse. The children who had the best academics and behavior were placed into numbered class rooms ranging from B-38 to B-1; the lower the number, the lower the expectations. See, this was a way to keep the "bad apples" from spreading their dirt onto the other children, you can imagine how that turned out. The classes ended up seeing themselves as gangs rather than students and and as that began, the Bad Apples had beef with each other, specifically the lower classes versus the higher classes.

   I personally fit right into the middle of it all. I started off in that school as a sweet kid. I did my work when it was given and I was somewhat of a teachers pet for a while and during 6th grade, something just...changed me. I realized soon that being the type of person that I was just didn't cut it. I used to get bullied all throughout 5th grade and by the next year, I was a totally different person. I never bullied anyone, but I eventually became the Bullies Bully, you know? I began rolling with the hardest kids in the school, beating up people, selling drugs inside of school, skipping class almost every single day and boosting cars on my off days. It was around this time that my brother Flint came into the fold and and taught me all about the streets and how to move inside of the cracks of the underworld. See, Flint was into all types of deep shit, from petty theft, drug dealing, murder and armed robbery. He taught me how to kill someone without getting caught, how to torture the truth out of almost anyone and how to clean my money through laundering in order to turn cold hard illegal cash into that pure legal shit we use to buy all of our fancy clothing and nice cars.

   Flint and I rolled together for years man, too many to count and all of a sudden he gets out of prison after an Armed Robbery charge and decides to turn his life around. He began working at LSC some years back and since then, we barely even talk, he moved to Cali and I'm stuck in Philly. Now at this point, I'm left alone in the streets to fend for myself. Enemies are at every turn and wanted by the Police. I had to damn near keep one eye open when I slept and I would circle the block multiple times before I even park my car to go inside the crib to sleep; Cautious wasn't even the word for it at that point, I was fucking paranoid.

   Let's fast forward a few months, I'm broke as hell and still driving around my busted up Chino; shit had to change. I decided to pack up all of my shit and took a 39 hour drive to Los Santos, California, I was desperate. I was homeless for a few months, living out of my Chino and simply doing petty crimes at this point, nothing major as the LSPD turned out to be a lot more strict and organized than the PD back in Philadelphia, being a criminal was tough. I ended up making some good friends and business partners and my life took a huge turn. This is when I met Samo from Narcos, one of the biggest and boldest gang leaders around. I mean this guy was driving a super car, rolled around with a pretty chick in the passenger seat who did dirt just as much as he did. He was in all types of shit, from gun running to huge drug shipments and that's when it clicked, a light bulb went off in my head and I said the words "Samo, can I join your crew?" that simple. He took me in with open arms, showed me the ins and outs and after that, I was now no longer just an ordinary Criminal...I was Shotty Johnson, an established name in the streets. I made it a goal to myself that I would give this gang shit everything I had. My blood, my tears, my bullets, everything. If I was going to ride, I was going to ride hard and rep this shit like no one's ever seen. During that time, we had gang war after gang war, fighting hard and desperately to obtain and maintain territory. Sadly though, during that time, Samo ended up leaving the city on business and things began falling apart from the inside out. We were losing more battles than before and although we put up a great fight, we just didn't have enough men anymore to maintain our territory. 

  There was some good that came out of it all though, I gained a family within that time frame, a group of people who were all like minded and we decided to break off and do our own thing and not just anything, we decided to found a gang, a branch off of a Mexican cartel called Los Zetas. (( Visit Los Zetas Bio for a more in depth description of our gang )). Once we founded Los Zetas, it surprised me how fast things began to change. We were getting huge extremely fast, peaking at around 49 members in our first two weeks but something began to change me. I stopped caring about the power and money and my heart began leaning towards solidifying the safety and well being of our organization. Los Zetas is a family to me, people who deserve to be protected, no matter what type of background they may have; they belong here.  

The Now:


So this is me now, I'm still trying to get things together but I've made it so far from where I was in Philly and my life ended up on the opposite side of the law but if I'm being honest with you? Man, I love this Gangsta shit, I feel like Pablo Escobar. - Shotty

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