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Login trouble, error with account and it should be active.

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Hello everyone, I have been approved in Eclipse community about two days ago, have been trying to login but I always get the error:

"Your username or password is incorrect, or account is disabled."

Thing is, my username and password are correct, I've tried to reset the password trying to sync. Still, I get the same error, If anyone can help me I would be very glad. Thanks in advance.

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I have received an email, I have changed the password, and everything on my part is correct, that shouldn't be the issue. The issue must be with the activation. I'm being as patient as can be, been waiting for five days to get in the server and I know that a lot of stuff is being done at the moment.

Also, already contacted NobodyLTU on discord, just waiting for a reply, hopefully, everything is easily solved.

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