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Powergaming/Metagaming Cops/Detectives

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So, I was just powergamed into a situation where I was arrested and put in jail for 2 hours. 


I was metagamed of course. By a plugin that nobody even knows about / is not even spoken about anywhere on the forums. 

I spent a week IRL, with charges, never being pulled over or randomly asked for my ID or anything. 

Than, out of nowhere, a SWAT van with a cruiser pull up out of nowhere, and ask me to stop and show my ID.(I have a mask on, and im not near my car, was just walking into Tequilla.) (Hella metagame)

Detectives can apparently use your phone to track down where you are! 


You cant change phone, you cant not get tracked, YOUR BEING METAGAMED! AND IF THEY ARREST YOU LIKE THEY DID TO ME, ITS POWERGAME! 

Used the meta(info) of knowing where I was threw some bullshit plugin that doesn't help RP situations - to MAKING ME, WITH AN ADMIN advising, get arrested. 

I had a mask on when we first made contact, and still, they told me to freeze, ten people ran around me with guns, cops/swats, and they arrested me.


Hardcore metagame / powergame happening, such a horrible RP situation / plugin / rule / cant believe this is allowed and THERES NO INFO ANYWHERE.

Also, I cant change my phone or dodge this in anyway. ITS JUST METAGAMING TO THE MAX AND POWERGAME, cause you are forcing a situation onto someone, with admin present backing you up. lol


JUST SAYING, lets say there is no plugin, and its an admin giving all the deets OOCly, even though your RPing it Icly.. That's even more f*cked up. lol



Kind of a rant, but we need this fixed, cause its such an ugly bullshit rule, these cops want good RP, than go find the person, go do some real detective work..

Talk to the cop or people, and try to figure out what the fugitive looks like...etc And find him that way, by doing traffic stops.. or other cool rp situations.

Not just rolling up and instantly knowing who is who, even if they have a mask, and just telling them to freeze and get them arrested. 




ty for reading, love the server, but this is really ugly.






Im sure some of you guys are gonna say, well than how would we find wanted people?

Thats on the cops, what do real cops do? They track down where they live, their friends, their family, they do DETECTIVE WORK.

They dont just pull up a goddamn plugin and metagame the location and show up with 10 people and instantly arrest you even if you have a mask on. 












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