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please delete my account

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admin ask me to change my name cause i try to rape a dude in prison (i ask him in OOC if he agreed to rape RP and he said no) i then proceed with some shit talking like im not gay i am just enjoying my male superiority,prison is so boring...so he then called the admin saying i was raping him...even if all the other prisoner defended me because they saw i was just talking shit...then the admin said my name was offensive and should be change because of a fucking millennial snow flake soy boy LOL when the soy boy millennial saw hes entitlement was founded he then proceed to punch me! admin did not even warn him and i sure not the kind of guy thats gona start arguing over OOC channel cause i think its just ruin the role play when it end up like a youtube comment warfare...and you know what Ben Dovery made hes name on the street of los santos and he have a tattoo on hes right arm that say death before dishonor so death it is.

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