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add vehicle permission commands

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+1, maybe not sprayed but for sure repaired, there's been an handful of times where I was driving someone else car and either a bug happens, or my terrible driving kicks in and I hit a divider, either way, it would be nice if I have perma keys to be able to repair it. 

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I think this would be a great idea, I don't think you even need an entire permissions system.

Being able to change customizations of cars you have keys to would be disastrous since those can add up very quick and not really practical. I do think if you have keys to a vehicle you should be able to get a repair for the vehicle. I think only repairs and visual repairs would be needed.

Possible implementation:

1) /mechoffer 1 (repair) is executed

2) get vehicle data and a list of all they key holders

3) check the proximity to the vehicle.

4) send invoice to the player with keys within the proximity of the vehicle selected.

What if multiple key holders are within the proximity?

Add an ID parameter at the end of the /mechoffer 1 (Labor) (ID)

- This would allow you to look up the userID of the person and compare it with the list of the key holders to the vehicle. Then it would send the invoice to the ID inputted in the command, This would be an optional parameter, if no ID is inputted it would go to the owner of the vehicle so you wouldn't have to do it every time if they were the owner of the vehicle. 


I think this could also extend to visual repairs aka carwashes (/mechoffer 2). However, I wouldn't want spend 5k to wash my buddies vehicle, but maybe some people do!

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