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Vehicle doesnt belong to you bug

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Date and time (provide timezone): 10-1-2018 6am

Character name: Andor Rootman

Issue/bug you are reporting: My vehicle doesnt belong to me after getting it back from admin

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://plays.tv/s/LvAuPbeT_6hW

Vehicle license plate number*: OLDMAN

After selling my FMJ to a person who got his cash through means that arent allowed I got a message from osvaldon that the amount I got from him was removed from my account.
I then got my FMJ back, retrieved it, parked it in my house and logged off
When a friend wanted to drive the car, I got it out of the garage, then when i tried to give him a key it said "This vehicle doesnt belong to you". Then I went to the bank and asked for a DCC co worker to come by, this is when I recorded the video.

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Mechanics say the car doesnt belong to me. They cant repair OR mod it.
Asked a police officer to check the plate, manually looking it up ( typing in the license plate in his computer ) brings up no car, when I brought the car to him in person
he could check the plate and said it belonged to me

@Osvaldon Was the one that gave me my car back, I dont know what process he used because I didnt buy it off the HE/LE

Update 2: 
Modding and repairing works now, still not able to give out keys

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