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Nipuna Yasanga

Improve Road Work Job

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I want we police we can't do our Rp as a Road work . We are doing some Emergence work so please we have to go fast as soon as possible for job. I think you got what I am saying .And because of police we can't go faster and there are many troubles because of them so I request special vehicle like emergence vehicle such as fire truck with siren it's will help do our job well. I hope you Guys understand what I am saying

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The fire department does in fact get a call when there is an incident involving a fire.  Due to way fire is frequently desynced, they are there strictly for RP involvement, and the timer still must expire on the fires before the incidents can be fully handled.  As far as police involvement, there is no reason that police would need to be involved in situations like these.  The best they could do would be to set up scene management and control the flow of traffic.  A large part of an incident worker’s job is to set the scene management.  As noted in the above comment, incident workers are not an emergency service.  They are there in order to clean up a scene.

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