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[ECOLOGY] - Recycling deposit bin implementation

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One simple suggestion is to implement couple of recycling depositary bins around some place in town - All of the trash that currently is unable to be sold at pawn shop ( empty soda cans, broken bottle, spoiled food) could be recycled and there would be small monetary cashback for being a responsible human and recycling trash.

Currently a lot of trash is left on almost all areas, of course we have 24h timer for each item, but in reality this timer would be way longer above any average human lifespan, so in theory Los Santos would pile up in endless trash mountains quickly if there wouldn't be such server hardware limitations. However, the best realistic approach would be recycling depositary bins, which would give small monetary gain, thus it would encourage the residents of Los Santos not to throw trash away. Another benefit for this implementation is the great RP opportunity for someone who is roleplaying being poor or homeless - they could collect such trash and then deposit it in recycling bin to get some cash. Or just another way for roleplaying being a eco-friendly person who takes extra step to eliminate unnecessary pollution.

Don't see any downsides besides some little extra work load for developers.

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