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Amie Koal

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Born on the 2nd of December 1999, Amie entered the world into a family of 3.

Her mother Christal, her father Hans, and her older sister Chloe.

Spending her early life in her home city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, Amie grew to love people, she spent all her time out of school with her friends, playing, teasing and loving the time they spent together!

Amie was always there to help clean up after the games were played and everyone had gone home, a trait she inherited from her mother, who too was always looking out for others.



Chloe was Amie's biggest challenge growing up.

Chloe had a temper that Amie could never get used to, always trying to involve Chloe in the games with the kids in the neighbourhood, to which Chloe often replied with violence toward Amie.

Learning how to patch herself up, along with caring for others when they got cuts and bruises from playing in the streets caused Amie to gain an interest in the medical field from a young age.



During school Amie was often one of the best students, she didn't have a natural gift, but her hard work and determination drove her to succeed, gaining good grades, allowing her to move into higher education, it was around this time when Amie really started 'growing up'.

She started finding people not just cute, but attractive. As her body developed it was clear her peers were going through similar changes. Amie would be asked out almost every week by guys from her year and a couple of years above. She didn't turn down many offers and was beginning to gain her own experience in the field of relationships, after a few experiences with guys, Amie realised her attractions didn't stop at guys, but her girl friends too. It was clear to her at this point that she definitely wasn't straight but also wasn't homosexual as her experiences with the boys she dated felt right to her as well. Amie came out as Bisexual to her family and friends when she was 17 years old, she was accepted by everyone she told which made her feel safe, happy and free! ~ Well… almost everyone. Chloe despised Amie's coming out, as it further drove the Koal family to put Amie in the spotlight, leaving Chloe feeling isolated and alone in the world…


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