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A new way to approach turfs, and criminal factions.

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I thought of a new way to approach turfs, and force criminal factions to become aggressive with each other.

With the new drug labs we are seeing more active criminals but still no aggression with each other. Criminals can make more money working together, even though they could be at war or neutral with each other. (Side note: There needs to be a gun workshop for this idea to work so that criminal factions can still acquire heavy weapons.)

What if we instead, made the labs (and workshops) the turf spots? We make it so that which ever faction owns the turf can only use the lab (or workshop). You would want to make the turf spots always attackable RPly since its a location. This could eliminate RP with factions only attacking each other over turf for OOC imports.You could maybe set a 12 hour shield on the lab (or workshop) once captured by a criminal faction. This would Allow for small factions to get some use if their able to capture a lab (or workshop). I believe we would see a lot more activity from criminal factions. Other than, just terrorizing the police, and legal businesses. I would love to hear what other people think about this idea and if something could be improved to make the idea better.


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