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Bag Contents Dissapeared

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Date and time (provide timezone): UNKNOWN

Character name: Justin Spice

Issue/bug you are reporting: I have taken a break from the game due to IRL reasons. When I came back everything was fine except my bag, which contained A LARGE amount of drugs ,is now empty. The bag was kept in my stash-house, it was locked and no player would have been able to get in it. I had 3 bags in total ,the two on the left hand side contained a bunch of clothes and the right one was FULL of drugs. As I mentioned before ,everything is there except the drugbag is completely empty. I would be very grateful if you could find out what happened with the right hand side bags contents as I invested a significantly high amount of time to gather them, well worth over a small fortune. Any feedback is greatly appreciated ,I really hope you will be able to help me.

Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicatehttps://imgur.com/a/SYmPOOu  - a picture of how the inventory was, please see explanation above.

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