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  1. Reginald Donvergen (ID 101) here. Hi Aldarine, thanks for taking your time to review this report. As stated previously by other members of the 6ix 7even Spartans here in this report, the rationale behind this bank was to get out with cash to improve our relationships with our money laundering dealers and the "cartel". We have tried to hit pink cage before earlier this week I believe, and that's the situation where the kamacho blocked in our bikes and Peter had failed with the hostages. That wasn't the first time I had personally tried to hit pink cage, but I can say that this current situation was the first time it was successful. We had planned ahead to be ready to fight our way out of there if we had to, as the money was needed for our treasury and dealers. The roof setup was just for backup and for callouts on the situation at hand, and it was planned ahead to use that roof to our advantage. As can be seen in Kaleb's POV we had left the two officers alive that had put their hands up and surrendered as they understood they were outnumbered, showing we weren't here to DM or for NRP reasons, we were just doing what we had to to get out, which involved shooting the cops that were shooting at us. In my personal opinion, it was just the cops not being prepared for the situation at hand, possibly because they assumed that it was new players hitting the bank due to the warrener out front. Had they waited and called for backup and setup outside in situational positions, then maybe they would have came out on top. This was just a situation where PD lost and the criminals came out on top. I feel being connected to the cartel and a well known gang, we should pose a threat such as the one we had to cops here, we need money and there is a vault full of cash for us to rob. We came prepared, planned ahead, and it worked in our favor, finally, for hitting pink cage. I believe the shooting was justified and the setup was just smarter and more planned out then the cops. My final point to add is the new player (Kane Saunders possibly) that was with us was not involved in the shooting, he was parked out front and we asked if he wanted to help. We supplied him with a mask and taught him how to rob the bank, hopefully giving him a fun RP experience during the situation. He was not a part of the planning or shooting. Any more questions for me please feel free to ask.
  2. Reginald Donvergen is a man who moves in the shadows. He helps his brothers out with whatever they need, not looking for recognition in the slightest. Reginald would lay down his life if it meant saving one of his own. He wasn’t always this way, however, he used to not have anyone to look up to or call his family. He flew into Los Santos with nothing to his name and no one by his side. Reginald began his time in Los Santos as a truck driver, never partaking in illegal activities and trying to stay on the good side of the city, but all that would soon change. Early Life Reginald grew up on the west coast of Canada, in Vancouver B.C. He lived a quiet life always attending school and never missing a class. He was vigorously bullied for his looks growing up, and his response every time was “it's a face only a mother could love”. He endured the hate brought onto him and tried to not let it get to him. After he graduated, he got his trucking license and went to pursue a career in trucking for his life, so he could stay as far away from his hometown as possible. One day, on a truck job, he was informed about the city of Los Santos, a place where you can start anew. He decided to pack his bags and head there, with little money to his name, to begin a new life. The Big City Upon entering the city, Reginald knew he could make a life out of this city. The possibilities seemed endless. There were people hiring for all kinds of jobs left right and center, but there also seemed to be quite a lot of criminals around. Reginald just steered clear of the illegal activities in the city, and thought he might as well do what he has been trained for, trucking. Reginald took off to the truckers port only to realize the city of Los Santos didn’t recognize his license from home. So he went and retook the truckers test, passing with flying colors, and began his new career trucking in the city. The job brought him all the way up north for some long road trips plenty of times, where he got to see the beautiful Chiliad mountains as he drove by. Reginald was now living a good life, free from his old lifestyle in Vancouver. After a month or so of trucking, Reginald noticed the pay wasn’t quite meeting the demand of the job, so he decided to stage a protest. Reginald drove his big truck down to the pier, blocked the road and stood on the bed of the truck demanding better wages for the truck drivers of Los Santos. Little did he know, was that the police force would do anything to put a man behind bars. Reginald was approached by the police, and apprehended quite violently. A peaceful protest had just become a semi violent crime scene, with Reginald at the center of it. The police refused to listen to what Reginald had to say about the cities paying wages, instead tasing him and putting him behind bars for impeding traffic and failure to comply. Reginald had now tasted that same hate from home, and his life was about to change for the better. Wag After serving his hefty prison sentence at Mission Row, Reginald ran into a few people by the names of Kaleb, Les, Doug and Pluto. These 4 men would soon become some of Reginald's closest friends and allies in the city. These men introduced Reginald to the criminal life of the city, and he began doing petty car jackings, store robberies and was then led into multiple police chases. Reginald had just gotten a small taste of the criminal life and was now hooked. These 4 men gave reginald the nickname “Regtard” based off his looks and actions. Normally, Reginald would be angry about being harassed again, but these men seemed to want to help him and he realized this could be the beginning of a great friendship. In no time, Reginald would drop his name all together and just become known as “Regtard”. After about a month of hanging out with these people, Kaleb came up with the idea of starting a gang, and he decided to name it “Wag”. This gang would become a staple of Regatrd’s identity, making him many new friends. Once Wag was established, a few new members joined the boys in their late night activities, Sultan, Jules, Donte and Jeff. These 4 new members would become close friends of the boys and would be some of Regtard’s ride or die’s. Wag put themselves on the map pretty quick, gaining allies from most gangs in the city. They were a very friendly gang who would be willing to talk issues out, but wouldn’t be afraid to press the issue if need be. Due to an old friendship of Kaleb’s, Wag became really good friends with the gang Kudo Kai. Wag and Kudo would be great allies, as Kudo would help Wag out with guns when needed, and Wag would help the Kudo boys out with anything they may have needed. These two gangs would hold nights of events together, with one of them being a friendly fight club in the underground parking of Lady Boy, Kudos staple location. While everyone was happy with their current situation, times would soon change. Kudo Kai Wag decided to pull in more numbers, but the growth was too quick to keep up with, which ultimately became the demise of the gang. Wag disbanded, but the memories lived on. Upon hearing about the disbanding, Sherlock extended an offer out to the Wag boys, inviting them all to join Kudo Kai. Pluto joined immediately, while the rest of the boys waited on the offer and talked it out. After Pluto had done enough convincing and the boys discussed it, Wag officially integrated with Kudo Kai. All of Kudo’s new members weren't just some random person you’d find on the street, they were intelligent and used to gang life. The boys quickly adapted in the new gang and made some great friends quickly. Everyone was introduced to Reginald as “Regtard” as that was the name his friends gave him, and he couldn’t leave that behind. The Wag boys quickly proved themselves, as they would organize some store hits, chop some stolen cars around the city and rob some rival gang members for their weaponry, bringing in some good money for the Gang. Sherlock would help the boys when need be, and they boys would help the gang, it was a selfless relationship between everyone in Kudo Kai. And although the Wag boys were now in a different gang, their original roots would never be forgotten, as they had cemented themselves as “the Wag boys” among Kudo Kai.
  3. Hello there, Reginald Donvergen here, ID 271. I would first like to thank Aldarine for taking this report. My side of the story is I just got into the city and was informed of a situation at Eclipse. I pulled up, and after not much happening Donte asked if I could pick him up at parking. We drove down there and I believe some vehicles followed us. I'm not sure why they chose to follow me, as I wasn't involved in the initial situation, I had just showed up there. From there it is my POV that shows the car driving around the city. "Why are you driving through the city at low speeds after continuous acknowledgement of being chased/followed by a hostile group?" I was never given any formal demands, and I was not involved in the initial incident. Therefore I did not see any reason to be weary of these people following me. I was simply driving around, and doing the speed limit I figured they would just end up leaving me alone as it would be a waste of their time. Since I wasn't given demands or any RP to prove it was a formal chase, I decided that I did not have anything to worry about with this group. In encounters before they seek out a fight by chasing doing the same thing, so I figured if I drove the speed limit through the city, they would eventually leave me alone. If you have any further questions, please feel free to tag me.
  4. Hello, Reginald_Donvergen (ID 28) here. Thanks to Doan and Timmaayy who are handling this report. As well as the others responding here I wasn't informed this was going to be reported so I don't have my POV of the situation. In the heat of the moment, the only thing I could think of was getting out of there alive after a successful shootout. When I was running I didn't see how close the officer was, so I figured going to the car was okay. After the fact when we seen this report, from Colt's POV, I now realize this was wrong. I talked to Kaleb OOC and he told me what I did wrong and I was re informed of the rules and what Fear RP truly is. I accept what I did was wrong and am willing to accept the punishment at hand. Thank you for your time in this report. If there is any further questions in which you need me, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time.
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