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  1. did i have an AK on me in eclipse on me or in the car no, as i stated i off loaded it prior to arriving in eclipse, there was no ak in a bag or on my back. An AK is 33K to import stock with no ammo and a .50 is 2.25k to import from cartel, trust me i used to be in a gang and know the prices. this isn't street value with inflation but actual import costs. also on a side note i dont think 67 have legal .50's at that price lol they are crims therefore did not pay 17.5k.
  2. Lol dude in an out of what apt 46, which i dont live in haha ok. you house raiding in a public place in the most populated apartment block in the city.Then you want a refund request for what 3 .50's that cost 2.2k to import. minimum 25k for a refund request.
  3. they were gang members with guns, i wanted to steal the guns and find the leader of the group from RS. Why would i have footage nobody told me there was problem, i was masked and hid my identity.
  4. i do not have footage as i was never asked to do so by any parties involved. i did not have any weapon on me at eclipse when anyone searched me and it was not in the car as the eclipse incident happened nearly 20-30 mins after the gas station. What lead to the robbery was we were lookin for a member of Rising suns and seen these guys were armed and wanted to get radios but as 67 rolled up things changed for the worse. im interested to see if jonas has more than 21 seconds of footage. very odd amount to only have. He also said to me in /b if i dont comply with key to an apartment that i would be punished. there is no need for this kinda behaviour and i said i didnt have keys which i didnt , i was going to pick up a friend, the person who actually had the AK. told jonas i dont l;ive there and i was there to pick some one up and he said i was lying. he was making assumptions just cos i parked a car outside and not even in a agarage.
  5. first of all my head popped at the Eclipse apts , spawned back in and i would like to see more footage than this. never told me to save POV. You did very little RP as well but act like the typical thug. i RP'd having an injury and you rushed RP.not my fault you rolled up guns out at the busiest apartments, maybe try get me in a car and not push me into an apt elevator in a public place, When i pulled up it was to pick someone up when my head popped i wasn't parking a car. Might i add this guy kept calling me Ni**a outside which is just racist and not RP. You also went heavy on /b telling me to give key or id be reported, i know how to actually rp so dont start chatting shit OOC to try PG me into doin something. Also trying to raid when i didnt even have a weapon on me or in the car, you had no substance to try perform such actions so its whatever. "considering I apparently dont have the pov of that. The person searching him for it is either me or Adam Stokes." how much you not got recorded?
  6. Hi there, first of all i would like to state that the accuser did not ask me to save POV until over 31 minutes after the incident. I normally have a vast ammount of POV footage saved from my Nvidia capture but I was not asked to save the incident until it was far beyond my save window which is unfair in my defence of the incident. In my eyes I was facing toward the back of the cars (sea side, north), The pick attampt on the car was infact the second attempt at picking the car and the owner was only present because they would have recieved a notification of the failed attempt previous. The dialog iI was engaging with was with Brett_Macleod was to buy me time while i was perfoming the second action, at no stage did the people attempt stop me from robbing the car despite being notified. Previous to this incident there was another car I stole and I recieved a PM stating the person who's car was stolen Code 0'd and didnt post on the Discord, I was understanding as I always am and returned the vehicle as if nothing happened, but even in that case the person told me to save POV imediatly which is the correct procedure,I did not have to provide the fottage as the person said if the car comes back we can RP the incident never happened. When i recieved the PM from the person who's car i stole (ID 224) I even stated that if the theft was a really bad hinderence to them I would cover the 6k mors payment for the car, its not about the money but about the roleplay of being a car thief. At the end of the day in my eyes I was facing in the correct direction and was not told to save my POV which is just unfair for any defence of mine nor were any of the others informed to save POV. What I can provide is screen shots of the PMs with time stamps Also because this is a game and it is permitted to perform such actions like car theft in public, there were no police, we were masked and had a get away car, thats what the sultan was for (provide a quick getway and cover if police drovce onto the pier), people also lie to victims IRL to cause deception around crimes, I do believe I was right in my actions of perfoming the theft, this game/mod can be quite buggy in persepective for player, people performing actions and movements dont appear as they would to others due to issue like with desync, -Twisted bodies like EMT's providing BLS -Car crashes that happen in your eyes but not in the other persons eyes -Fist fights with hands by your side -Drawing weapons with no upper body movement -People not standing where other people see them, -Picking locks or cleaning weapons with hads stuck by there sides etc.... I was only goin to be stealing the car I was beside not 3 cars down and I was facing it in my eyes and the owner had recieved the notification of a failed pick but also we did not stop the pick as they didnt not threaten myself with any harm which did not cause me any fear for my life. 2 of my screen shott are showing the time of my screenots on steam to show the time from the (involved car) chop to the first notification via PM's Time stamp of PM's ID 44, 1622853818. https://imgur.com/a/6XtLeI9 Here are the steam screenshots witht he times of thembeing taken apart https://imgur.com/a/HQFUNhi If there is anything furthur I can provide please let me know but I am infact limited because I was not told to save POV. I would however like the owner of the vehicles POV for this incident as player ID 127 is not the owner of this .Brian ID224 said it was his/their car in PM's Thank you.
  7. "I feel as if the appropriate precautions were taken and there was no risk to public safety. The shots were in a quick burst when the suspect passed me at close range and ceased once I no longer felt I could take the shots safely. I also took the liberty to link bodycam footage of a real life scenario involving an officer firing at a suspect with an AR across a busy highway" Forget the real life scenario because this is at a speeding vehicle not some dude jogging down a freeway. short bursts....full auto right to left spray pal. dont down play it down. barely hit the vehicle with half the shots. The robbers never fired a shot , so why shoot the way you all did with exception of the officer with the shotgun. I know this post is goin to go down the toilet at this stage especially with it being "Staff" and police involvement. Just going forward focus on the robbers having fun RP too and not be so trigger happy to shred the criminals who never fired at you and complied with negotiations. Peace.
  8. "As the suspects continued fleeing and were pusued by other vehicles, I stayed back and took care of the hostage aswell as the investigations surrounding her. It was at this point that I was approached by the vehicle that was hit in the crossfire and informed about them taking shots. They were not ignored at all, but rather asked by myself to pull over, after point which I went to the person that was hit and offered medical assistance and to call MD to it. The only thing they were asking for was a painkiller and some water, which I gladly offered them, after which they said something along the lines of "yeah, all good bro, happens, just be careful next time guys!" and drove off. They did not ask for any Badge Numbers, nor did they ask for any kind of compensations. Bringing, them not getting any, up OOCLY as unrealistic now is not fair, looking at the fact that they were offered help and could have easily mentioned it." i was ignored until i approached you and yes i was gonna let it slide but see i was tagged in a post on the forums, after I felt there was no need for such excessive force and endangeredd my life an others in the public area. In some the other footage i see officers were spraying rounds at the vehicle going down the main road which was not needed the car was basically unconrollable and the car should have been dealt with squad vehicles, not sprayin rounds multiple times on a main street, Bare in mind no shots were fired until the last moments of the incident. Therefore there is no right to engage in a wreckless firefight. no member of SD or the hostage were injured but the SD fired on a number of occasions in a lazy attampt to diffuse the situation. You failed RP and did not stick to the negotiations that were agreed. No spike strips and 20 seconds headstart, What if the robbers seen the breach of the agreements and killed the hostage because they seen the spike strips set up Nofear RP,(no fear the robbers would see the lied about set up endangering the hostage further). I think making an IA report is a lazy cop-out for Police who breach rules and let the breach fall on IC. where as for civilians and normal players it falls on our account resulting in warnings and admin logs.
  9. is it fair we dont get to see the footage? its all OOC right , cant use it against anyone in game right? No meta /powergaming.
  10. As a bi standard to this situation, i was the individual in the car that go hit while in a parking space (Steven Dawson)(100). when i witnessed this event unfold i was never directed away or informed of any danger. I was parked up with a passenger (Brett Macleod)(289) waitin for a friend when out of nowhere a hail of high calibre bullets hit me and my car. I feel this whole situation was reckless from SD and highly irresponsible, disregfarding public safety in ahighly populated area regardless of time. They showed poor public control and muzzle discipline.Let the spike strip do the work and not shoot 3 carbines at tires, the officers ended up hitting my car with 5-6 carbine rounds and myself, i required medical assistance after (painkillers and water) but didnt get any help for the damage done to my vehicle (150 damage). From the time i sat and watched the robbery the criminals never fired a weapon or showed any signs of aggression towars SD, the hostage or shop owner. The SD had the are secured with bikes, barriers, spike strips and units ready for a persuit. So why not let the scene rollout? let the spike do there job and let the persuit leave a public populated area? The tires we popped, a simple pit manuver on the highway could have ended the persuit much better and in a safer way. The cops are more concerned about shooting and BLS'ing than actually role playing robberies in my experience and is quite shit if im honest. Its too one dimensional. Its about the role play experience and not about being competetive and winning.
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