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  1. +1 makes ECRP pretty much pay to win. Some cars with VIP last 20 minutes, roughly without you got 10 minutes roughly of driving
  2. What baffles me is you guys think it's proper RP to pull up to injured person and say as they're getting treated "Let's steal this" and "We'll wait". In what case at any point in real life do you think you'd get a chance to steal a car after a accident resulting in injury? Anything for a shootout tho, right?
  3. This is a known issue. For now just keep restarting until you found a name. It took me a few tries!
  4. Another little trick is if you're inventory gets stuck where you can't move items around click outside the box 3 times
  5. Taking a step back before the leap forward. Hard times fell on Kenny in some poor choices with a growing gambling issue with dice and poker. While he managed to gain back some losses he ended up hurting himself pretty bad financially. Kenny sat in his apartment one night thinking hard about his recent gambling habits all while taking a nice inhale from his packed bong. After a long session of gazing at the city skyline Kenny stood up and took his last 6k he had and went to grab the much needed ingredients for cooking drugs. Kenny took the ingredients to an Undisclosed loc
  6. All you gotta do is ask oocly for them to stop, if they don't that's breaching rules. I for one have seen people get heated ic and ooc because people like to push the grey area of "excessive" just to piss people off.
  7. Well deserved, love interacting with you guys Congrats on official.
  8. +1 I like this idea. More involved with the RP of chopping cars.
  9. I had at least some luck with them before though. I like how people do it with soundpad anyways.
  10. went from 0 to 100 real quick
  11. I see where you coming from, but a week isn't long enough for you to learn how it all really works to be able to suggest a change to it. The black market is how you get guns and everything else illegally which only official crim factions can order from, they feed the smaller gangs by giving them shipments for a little more than they pay, so money for them, guns for the small gang. Basically what you're explaining is the cartel/black market system we already have, but much more confusing and code intensive.
  12. It doesn't show up in chat, but what we're starting to notice is if you talk to any npc as a faction it'll say something about a shipment if there's one coming in, then you just check spots. Edit: saw it for myself tonight when none of my faction ordered, it goes to all factions if it's leaked.
  13. Loving the thread, and loving every interaction I have with you guys so far! Excited to meet more of you in the city!
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