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  1. Hi @Archaeah thank you for the tag in regards to the report. I responded to a back up call from HC more than 60 minutes from the previous incident at Sealabs with Goblins. It was called out that a number of 6ix 7even members where spotted camping out at a field not far from Wanted Refresh. This was a gang over them period of days that we had constant interactions with and specifically a few members from precious gangs that had recently disbanded. I was unaware the nature of the fight was in retaliation to myself and Marks incident with Goblins. That RP scene finished over an hour b
  2. Hey can I change my forum name from Paddy Trixx to "TR11XTER" please ... It's currently one of my characters names
  3. Hi @Kimeybear thank you for the tag and managing this report, Paddy Trixx here. I don't actually have POV from my side reference the incident with the fence, thank god because a bit embarrassing actually, but I have the below screenshots that show what I actually said. Player has reported that I said "I AM BUGGED" ... This is incorrect and you can see I have stated "I GOT BUGGED". Player is reporting me stating that I was making the RP a benefit to our gang with this statement but he doesn't actually provide the correct or true information about me in his report? How one person sayin
  4. Yes sir bossman !!!!! We'll march on and do what we do only better
  5. Absolutely brother @randingo
  6. Hi Paddy Trixx here ID 95 .... We've had a few encounters with Mr Yeet and his crew stealing and attempting to steal our vehicles etc .... While mining before this happened he pulled up alongside me at the same spot ..... He was in the exact same Mule that me & Benjamin Bucky own so when Benjamin came over he got into the wrong vehicle thinking it was ours ..... Vince jumped in asking him what he's doing in his vehicle and explained that his friend "gave him it" .... He couldn't lock the truck when asked by Benajmin, as he genuinely thought it was our truck, so was obviously stolen as he n
  7. One night Paddy was out working and going about his business when he bumped into Sean and got chatting. Sean started to explain to Paddy the plan that he and Alex had put in place for this crew they wanted to get together and the purposes behind it all. Sean explained that he wanted Paddy on board to be a part of this with himself and Alex. Surprisingly enough, it all sounded really well to Paddy and he liked the ideas that were being put in place. After extensive talks, Paddy explained to Sean that he will need to speak to his bro Benji and see what the thoughts are behind the idea. It was al
  8. Outstanding as always brother @BenjaminBucky
  9. Player(s) being reported: Han Nali ID 335 Date of interaction reported: 01/10/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: Your characters name: Paddy Trixx Other player(s) involved: Fuoco Diaz Specific rule(s) broken: Player Theft, Non RP I was at the pier with a few friends and one of them (Fuoco Diaz) was injured. The medic was taking a long time so we decided to put him in the trunk of my car to escort him to MD. While attempting to put him into the trunk of the car this guy comes out of nowhere (Han Nali) and gets into my car in the middle of the pier and goes to drive away. Numerous
  10. Proud to be repping the new beginnings of the Saints
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