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  1. Hi, this is Julio Grande (7) @Longducktoe explained it perfectly, we were passing by the entrance to the pier in a Shafter as we witness a green enemy Massacro ram into a warrener at a very high speed, we then watch our ally ID 132 hop off of his bike and demand for the two enemies in the Massacro to exit the vehicle, so as an ally would do I hop out of the Shafter and help my ally as we had a very easy getaway with our friend in the drivers seat, so the location would not have been promoting poor Roleplay, also we did not rob these men of any of their belongings, all that was taken from
  2. Hello, this is Julio Grande (ID 241) At 0:41 you can clearly see in this pov that the guard attempted to point her gun at me but could not due to being boxed in by prisoners beating her up, not only that she went to point at the other prisoner instead and that's when she was also giving demands NOT pointing at me, not only with that but we had 2-3 DOC guards being used as decoy/hostage. so it does NOT make sense for the guards to rush in spraying at every prisoner WHILE putting their fellow DOC guards life in danger shooting an SMG without controlling any recoil directly at them. they sh
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