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  1. Please archive this. I have been waiting entirely to long to resolve this and its not worth it for me to have to wait 3 weeks for someone to review my death. Thank you for anyones time involved.
  2. Looks sick. Looking forward to future RP!
  3. But i wasnt hostile at all? And I wasnt holding his ally at gunpoint? I mean i never even said anything to them? I was injured due to a campfire long before they showed up. He still gets DM rights? @Timmaayy
  4. The money is realistic when you do it in bulk. Like 20 to 30 tables in an apartment with the vents and materials. You just arent doing enough.
  5. Character name(s): Bo Vespucci Admin who issued punishment: Timmaayy Date of punishment: Punishment received: 11/22/2020 Reason given for punishment: /s while injured. ( I dont want my punishment to be lifed. I deserved it) Your explanation of what happened: ok to start of I was at chilliad with 2 other allies. We were picking plants and growing them. I walked away for a minute to my drag to get 2 or 3 campfires so i could cook human meat and fish meat so we could have something to eat. When I put the second campfire down, I was engulfed into flames,
  6. I agree with both of you. The people that are doing this, are people not here to RP. Or people who just dont want to take the time to learn properly. RP is very important to a lot of people. Especially on this server. These toxic people deprive them of that daily, by chasing them for no reason, not responding to RP, not RPing at all, etc. I could go on forever. I mean, in bad situations ICly, a good RP'er can find a way to make it fun with good RP opportunities. But these toxic people wont give them a chance to even do this. If they win a fight, they OOCly laugh at you. If they loose a fight,
  7. We are Goblins... Lately life in Los Santos has been rough for some. It has been way worse for others. But for the Goblins, we are still going. Pushing forward everyday to change, grow, succeed, and evolve. We are constantly on the path, looking for new brothers, grinding away making money the best way we know how. Doing whatever we can to be a better family than we were the day before. It is hard to believe how far we have come in such a short time honestly. The fact that we went from 7 or 8 brothers on a roof in a dark alley planning the future of Goblins. To now being one of the
  9. Ye old Media Dump. What a great group of people! Congratulations on official! Well deserved!
  10. Just gonna let you know Vladimir that this was the first time I was on in two days, and after this altercation I havent been on since. This is 4 days in total I havent been on. Only time I was online was the 30 to 45 minutes I was on up until this happened and I got off and havent been on since then. Not aware of current events but high command and myself thought an application had to be put in for a war or something like that. (Sorry new to this whole forum, faction, and war thing)
  11. The vehicles were hidden in my second video long before I was injured. We were planning on holding the lab. They were hiding in bushes because we knew the first guy in my video would call for back up and we knew we would be heavily outnumbered. They would never use a brother as bait. We were patiently waiting for MD until we seen vehicles start to arrive. Nobody is hate fueling what so ever. If you believe this to be true then why have one of your ally's done the same thing? I was just stating facts. But to add to the evidence I will show an image of my ally standing in front of your ally shoo
  12. I was not going to respond, but I feel the need to now. Two of you have stated that we are at war? We have never decided or knew that we were at "War" with you guys. I know we had a couple altercations with you, but I do not believe that gives you reason to kill me on sight. You have spoken to the fact of killing my friends, which you did have DM rights. But nobody ever spoke to me. I was told, and I quote, "Later". Then I was shot and killed. I never gave him a reason to finish me off. I was robbed and the guy went through my pockets without given me any chance of resistance or a struggle. No
  13. I would like to add on this report that the Camera from the chopper was pointed towards them the entire time and they still committed the crime. In a realistic atmosphere I do not see this ever happening. After re-watching the video, I can see that he comes with in inches of hitting his ally with 2 bullets. No further comments unless asked by Admin or moderator. Thank you so much for your time.
  14. Player(s) being reported: ID's 29 , 71 , 96 Date of interaction reported: 11/12/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1605165197 Your characters name: Bo Vespucci Other player(s) involved: Othman Alonso, Freddie Spinks, Joe Gauge, ID 55 (MD) Specific rule(s) broken: 9. Non-Roleplay (NRP) Actions that are unrealistic or promote poor quality roleplay are considered as non-roleplay. Players are required to remain IC at all times. RP can only be paused or voided by admins. If a crash / disconnect occurs, players must post in the crash r
  15. FONZ summed it up. +1 for sure. If I have the keys, I would also have the necessary paperwork to repair said vehicle. Great idea Freddie.
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