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  1. So I am looking to rent a 1g and 2g house or 3g depending on the prices. This is optional but permission for me to add my own furniture to the house. My number is 3875465 and you can message me your offers. - Jamie Adams.
  2. I could offer 20k/month, and I would like see it in person.
  3. I am looking to rent a 1g house, near LSB, and has extra parking.
  4. If I can see the house, we might have a deal.
  5. If I can visit the house, we might have deal.
  6. I can rent if I can see the house first.
  7. I will rent for 22k/month and will be longterm
  8. Jagason

    Crate/Bag Bug

    When I am carry either a bag or crate and someone gets me injures me my crate/bag falls through and I am un-able to retrieve it.
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