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  1. I'm sorry, I forgot to put the screenshots with me and the reporting party talking over PM's after the whole incident, I've edited the report too point out what i forgot too. I'm sorry about that
  2. Player(s) being reported: ID88 and ID128 Date of interaction reported: 15/09/2020 Unix time stamp from HUD: 1600185327 Your characters name: Jacob Hujowa Other player(s) involved: Taylor Garcia, Pablo Salamanca and Jerry Blade Specific rule(s) broken: 14. Deathmatch (DM) Deathmatching is the act of attacking a player without a proper IC motive and interaction. Prior interaction should include escalation such as a robbery or a report to the police. Players may not kill victims who have complied with a plausible demand in reasonable time unless involved in severe hostile activity against them or an ally within 3 hours. Players on foot should only be attempted to be hit with a vehicle once with valid motive. Vehicles cannot be used as weapons in active shootouts unless where unavoidable. Players must be able to explain their reason and provide proof of prior reasoning if requested. If a player informs you that your VOIP isn’t working, you must either fix your VOIP using appropriate commands or use text to deliver your demand. How did the player break the rule(s)? So basically I got a call from a friend that he has been robbed. I immediately gathered as many people as we had to go into sea lab, the enemy's had our freq and we decided to change freq before pulling in. We drove in and saw the person driving on a hill which we then decided to follow and after a while he would what seem to be stalling his vehicle and running on foot. After running for a bit my friend on the BF400 without a gun on a bike the guy who got robbed was shouting HANDS from the bike and the person thought this is a valid reason to start shooting at us . In both videos you see me and my friends barely making it out of the car before getting shot and killed. No demands given or anything. This is also a picture I've found from searching up Eclipse RP rules Which from all 4 of these the player being reported didn't have any of these's reason to attack us Id also want to state that the person thought through PMS even tho it wasent but he thought that my passenger from my car holding a gun while we are moving is a valid reason to attack us. Even though this didnt happen this is also wrong and is not a valid reason to attack us Evidence of rule breach: https://streamable.com/oaoshr https://streamable.com/xklysl https://imgur.com/J0W9n2v https://imgur.com/J0W9n2v
  3. A day in the daily basis of a LFM member It was a normal day for the LFM, doing criminal activities as normally and showing presence in the city. One day LFM decided to do a grow up at sealab, with all members inside planting meanwhile Brody Burns in a off coloured vehicle blocking the bridge while Jacob was sitting under the bridge with a micro ready to shoot. Not soon after some rooks pulled up on drags and Jacob instantly went on the bridge and caught the rook lacking while he was shit talking Brody. Not even one minute after that happened The Rooks got their backup and all LFM members were called to the bridge and it turned into a bloodbath. Which Ended Bad For The Rooks With great teamwork, positioning and planning LFM managed to win the fight one sided. It was a fight with 9v8 people and LFM came up and lost one of their members while rooks lost all their 8. It was a fair fight but it seemed for LFM to win this one. The aftermath LFM was satisfied with their victory and right after looting and hiding all the dead body's, they went back to growing plants. After they got the plants that was needed it was time to meet up as a family and pay the Leader Tyrone 2 bags of plants each so he could later turn that into cocaine and sell it for the gang to become bigger and richer. It was a good day for LFM and it decided to get better! The gang Irish decided to host their first public party at their own club and of course LFM had to attend with all the members that were available to show our support to our allied gangs
  4. The Sheriff Department Jacob was a ordinary kid with ordinary dreams, He had loving parents, amazing grades at school and were overall doing amazing. Jacob's dad was his picture in his life. He lived up to anything he did or said, so Jacob wanted to follow his steps, His dad was a police officer and this made Jacob want to become the same thing to follow his dads roots. This is something Jacob was successful in. Not long after filling twenty-one years he applied for SD and a couple of months and academy's later he was a police officer Life as a officer Jacob enjoyed his first week in SD, he was learning so much and has made a lot of friends. After the first weeks though.. Jacob got really unmotivated and his dark side of feelings started to show more and more. He didnt want to arrest criminals no more, he wanted to be arrested, Kill cops, Kill people, just be a criminal. After he has made around 500k from one week in the sheriff department and after learning ALOT of how cops work where they setup ETC. He decided it was a good time to leave and follow what his heart desired. Life as a alone wolf Jacob Didn't know who to roll with or anything after he left SD, and he decided that the best idea was to go solo, find some friends and learn the city more so this is what he did. He made a small group of friend with 4 old friends from the city and they started doing shit, running labs, going chopshop , robbing stores, drug trafficking and much more. Sadly as everything has to go to a end this went as well. 3 of his friends got into a argument with Jacob and they decided to split up, It was only Mason and Jacob left Jacob and Mason were taking it chill, just staying low. Until one day They met their old friend Bobby Forsyth at the Pier while fishing when he was still a zeta and they were around. Bobby explained them more about the city and the exchanged numbers with hope Bobby could help them out. The start of a new chapter They hoped Bobby would help them out, and they were right. Not even a few days later the leader of the biggest cartel in the city had left the town and disbanded the gang.. Zetas. Bobby was apart of them and with them now not being a thing they had to do something new. This is where people created the gangs FSO and LFM. With Bobby being in FSO at the start but later on changing to LFM. With him being in LFM he told the leader Tyrone about Jacob and attempted to make them meet which they did. After Jacob speaking with Tyrone about the gang he decided the right move was to join this gang. and so he did Tyrone recruited Jacob and got him in colours and he was now officially a recruit. At the start Jacob was scared he didn't know the people in the gang He had no friends but after just a couple of days. He already had got to known each of them and he really enjoyed his time Two days after recruitment Jacob got promoted for incredible effort put into the gang Jacob knew this wasn't the end He knew this gang will make it big and he wanted to be apart of it. He is and will do anything for the gangs high command to help them get this gang bigger. He had once been at alone with his only friend Mason who later joined the gang as well. But now he had people around him, not only people but friends, more then even friends. As the name itself states, a whole family
  5. Alright now that I'm home i can go on and explain my side of the story. (With the id 296 aiming a gun at the random guy, the guy was not involved of what i know and i have no knowledge but from what i see so dont you, you just assumed he pointed a gun at him for no reason where in reality he could have had past RP situation with the person. I do not know what happend but i think Id 296 will speak about it himself) First i would like to prove to the reporting party that we indeed had DM rights on him You called cops INFRONT of us , for people that are harrasing you with ILLEGAL weapons ( Illegal Weapons are classified as heavys or guns bought from something else then a gun store, which in real life if u had a heavy with you you would serve a long amount of time this is why i think this is a serious crime, as having a firearm bought from a store but without a license it will only give u 1 year in jail (IRL) and 30 minutes in ECRP, and with Heavy weapons u get a minimum of 60 minutes as well as u would be getting alot of extra charges as public endangerment ETC) (I tried googlin for jtime IRL for heavy weapons and this is what i found) This is why i think that you calling cops did indeed give us the right to or kidnap you or clap you at the spot, but we decided to kidnap to atleast try to have some sort of RP which didnt really work out as the reporting party was mostly spamming /B but it is what it is . In my POV i also remember that ur friend said this: Which immediately made me think that is a factor of you admitting to stealing the car, as well after u were puttin on a bunch of clothing and the owners of the car said that these are their clothing that was inside of the rebla and that gave something away again. This was also said after u put on a shirt that was previous owned by the guys in the rebla. Enough of that lets get to my actual POV. (Shadow play dont work so i need to use XBOX game bar and i forgot to unmute my mic so sadly u will not hear what i said IC) Part 1: https://streamable.com/9drqsc Here you can see them getting into a random guys car and i asked him if he wants to help us by driving them into a alleyway and leave the rest to us, he simply denied as he is a MD and didnt want to lose his job which i totally understand so we tried doing something else and that was to just shittalk them back. Nothing happend really in this clip other then the two partys speaking to each other and them basically admitting to steal the car by using the rebla owners clothing and saying thanks for leeting me charge the phone. Part 2: https://streamable.com/6wjit1 Here u can see me sitting in the taxi with them and attepting to make the taxidriver drive to a alleyway after the taxidriver denying and saying he needs to stay if police been called, you can see how id 176 calls cops while we are standing right next to him, then i decided that the next move is to get him out of that taxi and on the side of the road in a small garage (I will agree its not most secluded area but its way more secluded then the road) and then i tell him to get in my car (Which he uses a surprisingly long time to do Part 3: https://streamable.com/dfnjfm U can also see this from the reporting party's friend after one of my friend were yelling and telling them to follow us and run or u will get killed. Other then that in this clip u can see us trying to get them over to a bit more secluded area and tell them to get in our cars which as i said took them surprisingly a long amount of time but they did it at the end, later on you can see us starting to drive and the V12 stop in the road for a second and the reporting party decided to get out of the car and run to a NCZ just to have a fight with us in /b , Why ID 262 started punching u in a NCZ is really confusing for myself, i don't know why he did that and i quickly PM him to tell him its a NCZ which i thought he did not know, either way that's something he should be talking about not me. They continued in /b and decided to get back to the v12 and drive with it instead of staying there and being reported. we then drove to a secluded parkin lot where RPLY it would not be alot of cars and we parked all the way back behind some walls, i do not have footage of that unfortnaly. I also want to point something out, i do not want to accuse or anyone or anything but the reporting party has a different character who hates the gang LFM (which pretty much all of us kidnapping the person was in) And me and my friend had a suspicion that they made new characters just to fuck around with us and not get in any serious trouble or get a bad word for the character. (WE thought about that as both of them had around 500 XP and no player tag, and i first realised that it is the guy once i checked his forums after he reported us) Also i do not want to accuse anything but the player has made what in my eyes was * Report Baiting* with a gang called Irish, and he was driving and helping his friend and once they stalled and got out of the vehicle instead of shooting back with his fellow ally he decided to sit on the floor and do nothing. That report got denied and i feel like its the same case here, in that report he knew it was Irish ( AKA Neutral/allied with council which they hate) And decided to do nothing in hope of getting the players punished. ( In my opinion it seems like report baiting in both cases) and in this case they stole a car from our gang and instead of running away and trying not to get caught, as they see all of us pull up they decide to come back to the car and shit talk us in hope of us doing something to get reported for. This is up to the admins to figure out but i think this could be taking in mind when handling this report. Either way this is pretty much all i had, if a ECRP member of staff ask me i will reply, other then that i hope this will not be a report that will go forward and backward with the partys involved. I hope the ECRP staff will handle this report fair for both party's and come to a conclusion.
  6. I will post my evidance once im home as i am on my phone posting this but i just want to explain. The reasoning behind what we did is that u guys stole my friends car and even admitted to it. (I will show my evidance aswell) also i will show the footage where u get out of the car when guns are pointed at u inside (frp) and u run to a NCZ just to talk in /b with us but at the end u decided to juwt comply and deal with it. I see u have edited ur footage to not show ur rulesbreaks buts its fine as i will show mine once im home. I also want to say that u called cops in front of us saying ur getting harrased by people with illegal weapons (illegal weapons in the MDC is counted as heavy weapons which is a serious crime to have) and once u did call the cops that game us DM rights, as snithing to cops about a felony is a dm right if u saw it and in ur case u called them righy infront of us. We were not going to do anything with you guys other then shittalk unless u went to the alleywau but once we sat kn the taxi and i saw you calling cops i knew what to do. And with DM rights we do not need OCC constent for kidnapping. Either way i will post my POV once im home and i will not reply with anything other the that till a eclipse staff member instructes me to. I hope we can come to a fair agrement and figure this out. (Sorry if its alot of spelling mistakes as i said im not at home right now and decided to reply to this as i will be first at home in a few hours) *edit* I would also say that having illegal weapons is 1 hour in jail in eclipsr which in my opinion is alot and oocly having a shotgun for example on ur back In real life would have u in jail for A VERY LONG time. I will prove all my facts later once i get home on my pc and show my pov aswell as explain with further details why what i did was right and how the reporting party broke rules. I want to as well say i take full responsabilty of this kidnapping as it was not my car but my friends car being stolen but after he called cops on us in front of us i decided and took full lead of the kidnapping, as my friends were mostly just helping me
  7. Let's be honest, crim life is DED. And these is honestly nothing we can do to have fun at this point. Labs used to be most of the fun that criminal have. But now its littary nothing, u pull up to a lab u see one random without a gun with 2 plants and you rob him and get nothing. In my opinion we should make a change to this, by a change i mean to bring back material to labs. But not mats like to other tables. Lets say that the tables that you can order now, are the only tables you will order. But in labs they will make some kind of new tables making a different drug then any other table make. And give different materials then the tables that are order able require, so big gangs cant just go to labs and take all the materials and cook at their houses. In short sentence is i want to get some different kind of tables to labs with different material and make the timer back to like 20 seconds as the old days. By this i hope that more people will be motivated to hold down labs, and plant plants as well as cook drugs so they make a bit of money and make plants so they can cook later once their at their actual lab. I feel like this will make more shootouts with rival gangs as well as more people to rob so criminals can actually have fun
  8. Message 3397672
  9. artyon

    Buff Normal jobs

    After being on both the criminal and legal side of characters, I've realized how much more legal jobs earn. After working for SD and DCC I've seen how easy it is to just go on duty, and stay there and get money when half of the time you don't do anything as its not much going on, I'm not saying that we should nerf legal jobs as they are also paid really low, but it is consistent money, You are on duty every second and you get payed every second, while if you don't have a legal job, you need to drive ETC and use time on that as well as your own money on materials to do such. In my opinion they should really change some of the scripted jobs, Mining is the only good job but its always stacked and its literary nothing to mine, if we really want and need to we need to spend HOURS in the mine just to do one full run with an RV. Things i think would need a change: Mining: Add another mine in the city so people can split between these two (for ore mining) and add more spots to mine for oil as well. Fishing: Up the price of each fish by literary 20 dollars and its fixed or lower the timer it takes for one fish (it takes around 1 minute and 30 sec per fish so maybe change it to 1 min 10 sec or even 1 minute only) , or if this would be possible, make it that the further from land u are the more money you will make from fishing (different fish types?) So people would have to buy a boat if they want to make money from this . The gangs that actually make a bit of money are official gangs who get to order, but still if they order stuff they have the chance of getting rival gangs to take their drop or PD and SD to swat it , they can make money of it but at the same time lose a lot. Please reply to my topic and say if you think this would be a good idea or not and please go ahead and tell me why you think it shouldnt be a thing or if it should be one.
  10. I don't think any gangs IRL takes prison time as honour, its just a failed mission. And no gangs rewards prison time by what i know, and i don't know how that would have worked like okay you went to jail so now you get money ? It seems weird to me. As well its hard to run shit inside prison when we are not allowed to have any contacts outside of prison while in prison, i'm not sure and correct me if wrong . But i don't even think we can meet our friends or anything IC if they come to DOC and ask for us. I hope you dont take anything of what i said disrespectful or rude or anything. But get over it, we all know cop RP is really overpowered right now and crim life is really bad, most people that work for PD or SD and never even tried crim and they just been cops for all their time dont understand how crim rp is right now and they just defend cop rp. Crim is a low reward and high risk choice, but thats the fun for most people. but its not fun when you try to do something and have fun in a game and someone always just calls PD or SD and you have to go to jail for 2+ hours, i have multiple times went to drug labs and PEOPLE WHO WERE COOKING THERE, hidden from me and called the cops because they didnt want to get robbed. And its just me trying to enjoy a game and some other guys who are scared of losing a .50 and 2 cocaine just call cops to get saved.
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