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  1. Issue Being Reported: Requesting my Forum name changed as this is my old IC name that has long been changed and makes no sense. Date and Time of Issue (provide timezone): N/A Your characters name: Kon Xiao Other player(s) involved: N/A Evidence and/or notes worth mentioning: if possible, can it be changed to 'Kon' or 'Kon Xiao' thank you in advance.
  2. ID 9 and ID 62 are not Dark Army. gl with the report...
  3. darkarmy-virtual-machine:~$ pwd /home/darkarmy darkarmy-virtual-machine:~$ ls operations lore memberlist orders hierarchy goals tools media identity bin introduction contacts darkarmy-virtual-machine:~$ cd introduction darkarmy-virtual-machine:/introduction$ pwd [loading]… I̸̜̖͐n̸̻̹̕t̵̢͉̑r̶̲̣͐o̸͔͘d̷̢͕̔͠ū̵͓͖c̶̨̀t̴̰̎i̵̹͍̎̿o̶̙͌n̴̲̄́͜ <The Dark Army is a notorious 'hacker-for-hire' collective based out of the People's republic of china, although they originate fro
  4. First of all, thank you both Riderz & Eroare2 for taking the time to both investigate and conclude this report. Kon Garcia ID 96 here. first of all, I'd just like to add that after receiving /pm's from the reporting party to save my POV i attempted to solve this oocly in which they seemed to understand although I myself might not have been in the wrong, they wanted to let admins decide. I also informed them that my shadowplay was not able to catch my footage. A neutral friend of ours on discord also tried to settle it with them and i was told it was settled and that
  5. First of all i'd like to thank both Bala and alexalex303 for handling this report. I will try my best to answer both questions asked by alexalex303 and help shed more light on my reasons behind my actions. What was your reason for the actions showcased in the evidence? after 10 mins of escalation and arguing the interaction was coming to a climax. Kon, being someone that used to be a Sergeant in LFM saw what they were doing to be pitiful and embarrassing and damn right disrespectful as Kon was with LFM pretty much since their birth and helped grow the gang and tea
  6. i have only just realized that i'm past my 24 hour time frame to reply, i am half way done writing my report and apologize, if i could ask for an extra hour or 2 that would be amazing.
  7. this was like 30 hours ago and i wasn't told to save POV, so i don't have any footage, but i'm almost certain on our screen we weren't where it shows from his pov. roland was having some extremely bad freezing that chase and it even caused me to get injured and for the bifta to be sent to mors where they had to take me to central and let roland go get his bifta from mors so we could continue the chase this is the footage of the first time his game froze during the chase and i was sent into an explosive tank and it put the pursuit on pause for 10 mins before resuming https://streamable.co
  8. hello!, Kon here, thanks for taking such a big report first of all Krooks. 'Kon_Garcia- In addition to the question above please answer You can be heard saying over voIP “saved for my next bodycam montage” multiple times. What bodycam are you referencing? Do you feel that this is appropriate to say over voIP?' Kane [ID81] was spamming in voIP 'save bodycam, save bodycam, save bodycam' knowing full well none of us RP actual bodycam and he's very clearly referencing shadowplay or another ooc recording, i made a single dumb comment about saving it for the use in a montage
  9. Character name(s): Kon Garcia Admin who issued punishment: Timmaayy Date of punishment: 19/11/2020 Punishment received: DM #1 Reason given for punishment: | DM #1 | Inproper escualation of a shootout against unarmed players Your explanation of what happened: (just FYI this was a /report 4 made against me and i was questioned in a different dimension by Zoxa and Timmaayy for about 40 mins this wasn't a forum report, no footage or proof was provided against me and the reporting player was offline, so it was just me being questioned, and my footage was the onl
  10. thanks for taking the report Tezhl. 'Why did you interact with the aforementioned player despite it was clearly stated that he had been paused pending the return of a Code 0 Player?' players can not pause RP, he admitted that it wasn't paused by an Admin so i continued RP. 'Why did you remove the officers cuffs without a corresponding /do directly indicating if the cuffs could be removed?' while trying to 'RP' with the reporting party this is what i was met with... as you can see, i was trying my best to RP but chat was being spam
  11. these posts are really fucking good, RPing with you guys this past month has been a pleasure.
  12. ID: 370 here First of all, thankfully i saved my POV because we weren't told to. i'll go ahead and break down everything he said, and respond to it. 'i don't know why' does this situation 20/25 mins prior ring any bells? i got clapped by a detective car by accident i assume because they didn't stop to see if i was okay, while i was on the ground texting for a trunk you asked me me if i needed help, i responded with 'no', you then got out your car and scriptly looted everything i had (doesn't matter what was taken). and driven off. so the
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