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  1. Im selling my drugstore which is currently pending with the government to be able to sell painkillers and medical marijuana. The inside is bare right now as I was unsure what route I was going to take. It is currently priced at $1,100,000.
  2. Not much to look at, but could be. https://i.imgur.com/4RuVSdW.jpg https://i.imgur.com/KfkjSca.jpg
  3. The inside is bare, I can take pictures though give me 5 mins
  4. Check out my business property up in paleto, the address is 10 paleto blvd, its currently a clean space for a future pharmaceutical company, which is currently pending with the government. I am open to negotiating offers but the current price is 1.1m
  5. This is a long shot, I am looking to own a business however I don't have millions to spend. Where you would come in is, you would buy the business for lets say a gas station for 4 million, I would in then turn around and buy the building from for lets say 500k a week for a total of 8 million in total. This is just an example to see if someone is interested in making a return on their investment. I am willing to sign any documentation that would make you feel comfortable in this arrangement, and have made deals like this before. You can reply to this post or shoot me a text at #5648141
  6. I am Kind of Indifferent about it, because cars and valuable believe it or not get stolen out of hospitals more than a little bit, so there is that, and then while at the same time playing the devils advocate. These businesses need to allow crimes because of the fact its getting harder and harder for the criminals to commit crimes, there has to be a balance.
  7. EdgewaterMG

    ID 74 VDM

    This is not an excuse, but I'll own up to it. I did do that and must have missed the rule about attempting to hit someone more than once with a vehicle. I am a new player but that doesnt excuse what I've done. I'll do whatever I can to make it right.
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