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  1. Clean 3G With plenty of rooftop capabilities. Starting price at €1.300.000 Phone: #3394197 or #3941572 (TEXT ONLY PLEASE) Located in a quiet enviroment near Tequila-la https://imgur.com/a/6Jwxw3x
  2. Text me at #3394197 and i can set you up right away
  3. I am willing tot ake it off your hands right now.
  4. Pulling out of this deal as it is to sketchy for me. Got a text that there was another offer i had to meet which was only 5K but sure i thought i won the auction? Went to the house before hand saw an unsual amount of traffic including the owner twice, after meeting the owner and saying he needed a coughdrop he just ran off and decided to hang with someone next to a car who seemed to be observing from my point of view. Left after a while as i did not trust this deal anymore.
  5. 3394197 is my number if i win it
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