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  1. Hi I am ID 123 Unfortunately, I was not made aware that a report was going to be made, otherwise I would have saved footage. To start off, Kirky and I were driving up towards bank when we see Jamaar running up the side of the road. Kirky stops and asks him if he needs a ride or any help, Jamaar tries to reply over VOIP but we cannot hear him. He tries around three times before he types out to go to Jabumpkins. Kirky, being the one driving, turns around and starts to head towards there. Jamaar tells him to go back and redirects us to Lithuanian Nation. After this, Jamaar steps out of the car and tells us to follow him. We follow him to the apartments which is then where you can see what happens in the video.
  2. I'm going to miss this drag :"(
  3. Hope to meet and have fun interactions
  4. Your stories are always so well written I love them
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