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  1. I'm going to miss this drag :"(
  2. Hope to meet and have fun interactions
  3. Rose Hudson Rose Petit grew up in Long Island, New York, where she spent most of her life. Her mother, also Rose, died of tuberculosis when she was just 5. Her father served in the army for 10 years before retiring to take care of her. In her late teens, Rose ended up joining the army. The influence of her father was evident in this decision. She did not want this life, it was forced onto her. The army was full of meaningless battles and die or die situations. Rose quickly grew depressed being plunged into this lifestyle which made her an easy target for malicious intent. After having been with the army for only 1 year her life takes a sharp left turn. The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History located in Washington DC was blown up. Many civilian lives were lost along with a few politicians. Rose had become the prime suspect in this terrorist investigation as she was setup by one of her comrades from the army. This made her a most wanted criminal so she had to flee. Rose decided to run to Russia because the distance was great. By taking refugee in Russia, Rose had to keep a very low profile. She opened up a bakery and decided to live a small life in order to stay discreet. Rose changed her last name but decided to keep her first name as it was her mothers. To no surprise, this ended up not being enough for Rose. She became homesick and longed for a life with more operation and meaning. On a cheesecake delivery one day, Rose meets a Russian Mafia member who never disclosed a name. After casual conversation he was obviously smitten with her. Rose lets out details of her life that she had been hiding for awhile now to the man. “Criminal to criminal”, she felt safe. The unknown man mentions he has a unit stationed in America and that if Rose would like, she may be introduced to them. She was desperate to go back to the states so she had agreed to the generous offer. Once back in America, Rose travels to Los Santos to meet the leader of the Russian Mafia there. All things go well and they hit it off. Rose makes the decision to stay in America and with the mafia with the assurance of their leader that everything would be alright. It was suggested that Rose change her name to something more American so she can stay undercover better. With the idea in mind, she becomes Rose Hudson. Rose still doesn’t know who set her up for the terrorist attack but she dropped it her anger. While it was the worst thing that could ever happen, she found more people to love than this single person to hate. She found a new family.
  4. War turns people delirious
  5. Your stories are always so well written I love them
  6. RP will be coming soon most definitely!!! Thank you for the input though as it is appreciated.
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