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  1. Masked riots will follow closely behind. Maybe switch it to only in ncz but no way this will fly for very long the way it is currently planned. Good luck.
  2. Does this only function as a GO Postal?
  3. @BellamyJames Yea its prob way too complicated but it'd be cool if it could be a little SIMSish in designing. Like stay in the perimeter of the house but turn a 3 bed into a spacious 2 bed or add a small hidden room. Change wall colors and counter top materials. It would all have to be pricey but you could save money buying a cheaper house and use the leftover money to hire a contractor and upgrade some portions of it.
  4. I don't own a house so I don't know what's already in play script wise but a "general contractor" job sounds interesting. If the house's customability is intricate enough a contractor could be scheduled to restructure/resize new rooms/change flooring type like hardwood or tile/add hidden storage/etc. Furniture and basic storage could still be controlled by the home owner but there could be good work and new rp for bigger jobs. May be too farfetched but I wanted to throw it out there.
  5. Thanks @trolis and @Chris Bluestone!!! Hope to see you guys around Los Santos!
  6. Hello everybody, new player here still waiting on quiz results. This is the my first serious role-playing experience and I am very excited to get started. Hoping my Italian roots serve me well. PS. I know this isn't really the place for it but if anyone sees this and knows the answer to this question an answer would be cool. I created two characters on the menu already and I'm wondering if I will now have to use one of them or will my character page reset once I pass the quiz? I don't mind using either since I get one free body change but wouldn't mind another chance to get the look I was going for before starting. See you all out in Los Santos!
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