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  1. We weren't 2 against 6. We split up in 2 teams.
  2. From my side, i'm Curtis, we were to enter in the cap zone but i crashed before as you can see in the video. So i didn't shoot.
  3. I don't see any MG, cause he knows you IC.
  4. Your player name: Curtis Jefferson Player you are reporting: Stranger 2626_4766 Rule broken: Exploit of new update [Disabled shooting and aiming weapons from the driver's seat] Explanation of events/why you are reporting: Video show everything. I was defending turf and this stranger start shooting from his driver seat. Time and date: 18.15 GMT+2 04/07/17 Evidence: https://streamable.com/v2ub7
  5. Kush

    The menu is slow

    I resolved for a problem with AMD graphic card. I had to downgrade to 1.4.4 cause there was a problem with new upgrades, and AMD recimmended to downgrade :)
  6. Magnolia, you come at Pier, shooting everyone. Wait for an admin to decide what to do.
  7. Kush

    The menu is slow

    Account name: kush Character name: Curtis Jefferson Issue/bug you are reporting: When i always use some kind of menu, it is slow refreshing. It can be f4 menu, f5 menu, /modview menu. I play in windowed fullscreen. At the beginning for the first 5 seconds it goes normal, then begins to slow down. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: https://streamable.com/6jvua
  8. 1) Being in war with a faction doesn't mean you're allowed to DM, especially in public places such as Pier with more then 10 people. 2) She never lowered hands, you're just lying. 3) Yesterday i got a different top, different sunglasses and had a cap. How could you recognise my face? We also never meet personally. 4) This is how i looks with my tattoo. And yes it covers my facial features.
  9. 1st) I started punching you after you started shooting Sarah in her head without reason. However you also killed Sarah for which reason? 2nd) How do you recognize me while i put a tattoo skull in my face?
  10. [b]Your player name[/b]: Curtis Jefferson [b]Player you are reporting[/b]: Stranger 479_8365 [b]Rule broken[/b]: Deathmatch, Metagame [b]Explanation of events/why you are reporting[/b]: I was fishing with my friend, a stranger started to put gun up and shoot everyone. Killing me and my friend while saying that i was Russian, while today i change my clothes, put a tatto in face and had a mask while getting shooted. [b]Time and date[/b]: 02/07/17 00.30 [b]Evidence[/b]:
  11. Why does the Founder have to lock this? Report hasn't been resolved!
  12. There can be no one, because no one has survived and there is evidence.
  13. So you're telling me that you've thrown out all the members of a criminal faction in the game because you came to know a betrayal, out for curiosity, how would you know if all of them are dead? And what if we did the alliance with Mason, did you not even have a discussion?
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