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  1. Report against 4621_2618 and 1744_8342

    we had the choice either get a ticket or kill the cop, we chose to kill the cop as we do not like the police and we don't take shit from anyone IC'ly. it was a split second decision and we chose the one we thought would be best. It may have not been the best decision but we had been pissed off by the police as they keep shooting our members.
  2. The West Side War Boys

    The West Side War Boys have opened recruitment, we are a gang dedicated to our ruthlessness, If Something or Someone gets in our way we destroy it. If you Think you have what it takes to be a member PM me your application form or join https://discord.gg/SZTQZRK . Application Form: 1. IC Name: 2. EXP: 3. Do you have a gun license: 4. Would you pull the trigger on another member if he was a Traitor: Good Luck.
  3. Don't hate me but...

    how does that make any difference? I jumped off with my bike so I could get farther into the ocean its not like I was jumping off a huge ramp and dropping like 100 feet, I just fell like 15 feet into water with my bike breaking my fall.
  4. Don't hate me but...

    I just got put in admin jail because I escaped from the police by jumping off the pier and simply waiting for the helicopter to go away then swimming to shore, right in the middle of this when I was almost to biggs I got put in jail and fined 20k all because an admin could not accept that I got away from the police.
  5. The Lions nonrp takeover

    Your player name:Hans Brover Player you are reporting:Aryan Avesta/The Lions Gang Rule broken:nonrp turf takeover Explanation of events/why you are reporting:for no reason the lions gang declared war on us and took over our turf, they declared war when our members were offline, we have never encountered/pissed them off, I sent them a pm asking why they declared war and they replied we want turf so we take it. Time and date:6/28/2017 Evidence: as of the time I took the photos I was the only person online in the mc, I couldent get a screenshot of them saying they take turf because they want turf but it should be in the logs.
  6. Elias Bobo FailRP+VDM

    same thing just happened to me and my friend with a truck because we cut him off
  7. No more

    yo can I join randy said he would take me in his chapter