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  1. FoxMcloud

    Community Update #1

    Also, I like the idea of the official factions. I just hope they do it right. Gangsters act like gangsters and mc's act like real one presenters.
  2. FoxMcloud

    Community Update #1

    Outlaw mc* that's the official term, used to describe an mc, not under regulation by the American Motorcycle Association. These outlaw mc's are usually referred to as, one presenters (1%), based on the statement that was released by the AMA.
  3. We are the most popular gentlemen's club in Los Santos, San Andreas. Founded in 1984, our business has served costumers all over LS. We enjoy making sure our customers are well taken care of. Here at the Vanilla Unicorn, we are here to cater to your adult needs. Lap dances, nude women and drinks all around. Seeing as we are under new management, we have plans to remake the Vanilla Unicorn. As of Oct. 12th, 2017, the club was reopened for a walk in event. Our next event will be ran under controlled operations and have hired staff, ready to serve the patrons of Los Santos. We even have future plans to take crowed opinions for certain events, even making certain fetish shows if possible. We operate usually on the weekends, however, we may open on week days on certain occasions. You may rent/reserve certain events at our establishment. Our rent fees vary from 5000$ - 10'000$, depending on how long you wish to rent out the club. We even cater to you during these events, such as Birthday Parties Barmitsas Business Parties And much more. Just contact 6006837 for details. WARNING! FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES MAY RESULT IN CHARGES BEING PRESSED Here at the Vanilla Unicorn, it is important to respect our customers as well as our staff. We are here to provide a service for you, so we ask that you follow our rules. THE RULES ARE No inappropriate groping/touching of our staff No fighting No indoor smoking No Insulting No harassing No Advertising in our bushiness No drink tabs, cash up front Please do not abuse free service, it is important to tip. No fire arms brandishing (Only licence staff may do so under needs of protection) We are located in Strawberry If you are interested in applying for positions or require further details, please contact 6006837 If we do not pickup, please be patient. We may be very busy. If we manage to get to you, please state that you are inquiring info on the Vanilla Unicorn.
  4. FoxMcloud

    VDM/New life rule broken

    Your player name: Rany_Mcreed Player you are reporting: Chengo Osas Rule broken: VDM/ New Life Rule Explanation of events/why you are reporting: we where taking turf and this guy came along and vdm's me and another one of my guys. he did this right after he broke the new life rule. i suppose he was revenge killing me over a turf war, yet he came back less than 10 minutes. once i spoke to him in ooc, he runs me over. he also runs my friend over too (i was not the one recording but my buddy was. he got the part where my other bud was ran over, but the new life rule break and my vdm was not captured, only a tiny bit but my other friends vdm is visible. skip to 1:07 to view the vdm.) Time and date: June 11, 7;44 Evidence: [media] [/media]
  5. FoxMcloud

    Banned for no good reason

  6. FoxMcloud

    Banned for no good reason

    https://forum.eclipse-rp.net/threads/randy-mcreed-dm-nonrp.3108/ Account name: FoxMcloud Character name: Randy_Mcreed Reason of ban: death matching Administrator: Lord Pepe Why should this appeal be accepted i understand that i did not give the officer enough time to respond, but what good will 3 seconds of respond time do? what could he have done? i stated that i wished him to die (as any MC/crook/ whatever) would. mc members don't like cops. so what would he have done in the last few seconds that he couldn't have done while i was talking to him? i find that this server makes it difficult to rp as a criminal as we always are getting banned for things we do in character. so all i ask is, why should i have given him a few more seconds to live, if the result would have remained the same? so far i have followed all the servers rules to a fine degree, yet me rping is what got me in trouble. look at it this way. in a seance of anarchy, why would an MC give a cop 3 more seconds to draw his gun and kill me? i rped everything fine up until that point.it would be different if i just roled up and shot him, but i did not. how much time should i have had to give him before he died anyway? you must understand, i wasn't sure if he would break rp and call more cops, so i acted fast. i was too exited.
  7. FoxMcloud

    Vanilla Unicorn

    https://discord.gg/SM4z9mf we have a discord
  8. FoxMcloud

    Vanilla Unicorn

    The is an idea for the strip club faction. in rp i run the club but its always chaos because, we have no real workers and it is so unorganized. i was thinking that it would be better if we have an actual application process for our workers and keep the ability to stay organized. here is a list of the worker groups i need 1. Strippers 2. Bouncers 3.Bar Tender 4.DJ 5.Assistant Manager 6. Manager if this could happen, this would really benefit the club