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  1. amirali_prince

    ID 116 DM/FEAR-RP

    That message was supposed to be IC, I was a little mad when he came there and by mistake I type /b, I was about to say sorry about that but he left. I didn't want to offend anybody in OOC, I was trying to keep it IC, even if we have some problems there is no reason to insult somebody OOC. I'm sorry about that and I will be more careful from now on
  2. amirali_prince

    ID 116 DM/FEAR-RP

    he radio was in my hand, so I pushed to button so my friends can hear me and save me since they was close, the only reason why I talk on the radio is because the guys who shoot me was far away from me and normal they couldn't hear what I'm talking. I knew that they will kill me so that was my only chance to survive. This is the only reason why I used my radio why I was injured. I don't consider that's fear RP, since what I was trying to do it was to save my life. If there could be a better option in order for me to stay alive please let me know...but that was the only workaround this situation. Thank you for your time.
  3. amirali_prince

    ID 116 DM/FEAR-RP

    Thank you for your time making this report. My story is simple. You stole my friend bike, and I tried to get it back, at the moment when I came out of the car I was trying to tell you to get down from the bike. You already assumed what I was about to do. Leaving in the moment when I point my gun at you gave me a valid reason to shoot after you. You guys are trying to scam us for a long time, all day long you plan OOC tactics to have a KOS on us, this is how you in general spend this time on the game, beside that, I don't like your alias on me, that's like an OOC insult for Vice Lords in this moment.
  4. Why This happening to me, i didnt do anything like this you give reason! please answer
  5. amirali_prince

    ID 56 VDM kill

    first guy Kill me with white car then hes friends chopshop my bike last night
  6. amirali_prince

    Nice VDM

    this a VDM kill you wanna look this?