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  1. @Klondike You don't have "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015", delete both "MVC++ 2017 Redist" ----> then install "2015 Redist" ----> reinstall "2017 Redist" https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 also install this if you haven't ---> https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=53344&desc=dotnet462 Before running ragemp, make sure no anti-virus is interfering with RAGEMP folder Also, I found out that ragemp hates windows 8 & 8.1
  2. ranchy

    Pay For Unban

    next time make that "modead" client more stealthy.
  3. This Script is for occasions where you don't want to keep holding N or M for talking. Make Sure you have installed AutoHotKey. See this if you are new. Copy the Below Script in your empty FILENAME.ahk script. Always Run the Script in Administrator Mode. XButton1 ----> MouseButton4 (Browser_Back) ----> M XButton2 ----> MouseButton5 (Browser_Forward) ----> N "MButton" (MiddleMouseButton) ----> To Reload the Script (Use this whenever the Script Breaks) "SHIFT + MButton" ----> To close the Script Opening the Chatbox Automatically disables N and M Keypresses. Avoid Pressing these keys for more than 1 second, sometimes it breaks the process. if you don't have XButton1 & XButton2 then replace these keys in the script with your choice. Click Here for list of Keys. haha.ahk #IfWinActive RAGE Multiplayer #MaxThreadsperHotkey 2 MButton::Reload ; <------- Middle Mouse to Reload XButton1:: ; <------- MouseButton4 toggle := !toggle KeyWait,XButton1,T0.5 if (ErrorLevel){ return } else { loop { if (toggle && !GetKeyState("t", "P")) { send, {m DOWN} sleep 10 } else if (!toggle || GetKeyState("t", "P")) { send, {m UP} toggle := False return } } } return XButton2:: ; <------- MouseButton5 toggle := !toggle KeyWait,XButton2,T0.5 if (ErrorLevel){ return } else { loop { if (toggle && !GetKeyState("t", "P")) { send, {n DOWN} sleep 10 } else if (!toggle || GetKeyState("t", "P")) { send, {n UP} toggle := False return } } } return <+MButton:: ; "SHIFT + MiddleMouse" to close the Script ExitApp return OK BYE BYE If You Liked it +1 pls or -1
  4. Auction Over !!!! House will be Sold to @Redzas96 at 250,000 Contacts Phone - #4959195 Email - r4nchy#[email protected]
  5. Selling a 1 Garage House at Motel opposite to farmers market in Paleto Bay Starting Bidding price : 100k (only cash, no Trading) Bidding will end on 5th of May 2019 Phone - #4959195 Email - r4nchy#[email protected]
  6. +1 Yes, we need more animation we have very less animation as of now.
  7. +1 Yeah i agree to analog speed dial CEF, it shouldn't be difficult to add as there are many free scripts in ragewiki. fuel tank, rpm dials in the background would be great. but again it shouldn't be too large to cover the whole screen , (semi circle seems perfect)
  8. It would be great if we could push vehicles with empty fuel tanks. Heavier Vehicles should require more people to push it.
  9. -1 I think this is a "Diverse Community" Not a "Only Native English Speakers Community"
  10. ranchy


    This is exactly what i mean't Sorry for my inability to explain it at first place
  11. ranchy


    Random Sirens OR AI sirens of ambulance and police should be removed.
  12. ranchy

    Speed cameras

    First and foremost, my Vote is not in there, i forgot to vote, and now they won't let me vote. So i vote here as a forum post. Vote = A BIG NO But if they Do get into the servers then , i think it should be only at locations where people hangout on foot like Bank, tequilla, MD etc etc and not else where. And if they do get placed elsewhere, then at least they should be destroyable by one bullet of simple pistol.
  13. ranchy

    Speed cameras

    Before I vote I don't know what speed camera is. Can someone enlighten me
  14. ranchy

    HP Bar

    Date Time: 12/27/2018 9:30 UTC +5:30 Character Name: Orlando Tirkey Issue: When injured and at the lowest health point (when the HP bar becomes Red), the life can be extended to 50% simply by relogging.
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