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  1. Thats me. @FatherOsborn
  2. Hey,You can check logs, i didnt sold or buy something.
  3. Account name: Povelis Character name(s): Martin_Deluca Admin who issued punishment: Chrisy Date of punishment: 18Mar/2019 18:13 Punishment received: PERM Reason given for punishment: RWT Your explanation of what happened: Today checked my panel and I saw the ban. Why should your appeal be accepted?: I didnt sold anything,i have a house 1g and car. Post any evidence or further details:
  4. Povas

    Fail RP, DM

    Man i didnt rammed you,you started driving back. Not me. You still combat logged two times. And put longer video like more 10seconds and we will know everything. Man Its VOIP RP server,not fucking samp. Chat rp only using when VOIP is down.
  5. Povas

    Fear RP Report

    Not a part of report but Nice Metagaming,you can clearly heard when he speak to his friends in discord.
  6. Povas

    Fail RP, DM

    It was not a metagaming becouse I was at poker at that time with you. Later I went out and started following you when you won it. I was driving towards you and you just started go back. And when i got out of my car I was screaming to put your hands up but you was still running.(Maybe you can put longer video becouse maybe your VOIP was bugged) Later you logged off. When came back and instantly again logged off. And last time you came back and you was alive and you started running again. And one moderator can tell he plugged his internet cable when he died. And you can clearly see that I was at the poker table with shorts and without a t-shirt and bald guy.(On the left) @Archaeah He can confirm that he logged off.
  7. Character to be refunded: Martin_Deluca Date and time of incident: 2019/03/16 23:40 GMT Requested refund (what and how much): (~140k money) Description of incident resulting in loss: Guy won a jackpot in casino and he was driving towards a vinewood. We started chase him and he got fucked his car and started running and I engaged him with my ak and he was still running he didnt care. I started shotting him and he got killed ,he had all money on him and he instantly plugged off his internet cable. He gone with money and i was staying around him. He connected one time and he instantly disconnected when he saw me. When he connected again i was a little bit away and he was running ,he wasnt on the ground. He gliched somehow and logged of again i think. Evidence of loss: http://prntscr.com/myvyn4 Comments: Later on moderator came in he will confirm that he disconnected.
  8. Details: Very private house. 4 Garages. So many place to store your vehicles. Very good location. Big and deep pool. 2 entrances to the house and pools. Place offers below or you can contact me 4961806. http://prntscr.com/ksaghj http://prntscr.com/ksag3x http://prntscr.com/ksafyp http://prntscr.com/ksafu0
  9. First house still on sale. Second already sold.
  10. People cant use script vehicles in this cind of situations. Becouse with them you doing with so unrealistic and broking so much roleplay with that. With that 6 busses you are blocking the way in the cities too becouse others can drive in them becouse they are to big and blocking so much in a town.
  11. A. We broked a fear rp rule. I'm not going to do stupid things that i did that time becouse nobody can't do that with busses. B. I understand that becouse that busses make the roleplay very unrealistic and you never do that in IRL. And we was driving and blocking with them in highway so its very unrealistic.
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