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  1. You started shooting us like couple seconds ago. Upload longer video and we will see your guy shooted us.
  2. Player(s) being reported: Jemal Brown Date of rule breach: 2018/08/08 Time of rule breach: 21:00 Your characters name: Andrey Lebedev Other players involved: Specific rule broken: " 6.2.1 New Life Rule " How did the player break the rule?: He died in the situation and 15mins later to pick his car. Evidence of rule breach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NA52RwvPP6Q&feature=youtu.be
  3. Povas

    Andrey Lebedev [TURF]

    Character to be refunded: Andrey_Lebedev Date and time of incident: 09/08/2018 17:00 Requested refund (what and how much): The turf near the weazel news. Description of incident resulting in loss: We had turf near weazel news. And today couple hours later we just somehow lost it to the lost family. We didnt have war with him. Evidence of loss:http://prntscr.com/kge5sp
  4. Povas

    Selling exemplar

    Max engine,max transmision,max turbo. Send your offers here.
  5. Povas

    Buying Exemplar

    With full mods. Contact 4961806
  6. Povas

    [SELLING] Dubsta

  7. Povas

    [SELLING] Dubsta

    With some mods : Max engine,transmision and 2brakes.
  8. Povas

    Selling house at vinewood. [SOLD]

    House price has been dropped to 230k
  9. Povas

    Selling house at vinewood. [SOLD]

    For one car on the first photo on the right near the entry
  10. Povas

    Selling house at vinewood. [SOLD]

    Here you go
  11. Povas

    Selling house at vinewood. [SOLD]

    Yea wait
  12. Selling a house at vinewood with 3garages. Price 270-300k. You can contact me 4961806
  13. Hey,i can sell you a big house at vinewood with 3 garages for 270k If you want contact me 4961806. Andrey