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  1. ezys_

    Miguel Pineda (Items, guns)

    Character to be refunded: Miguel Pineda Date and time of incident: 2018.08.29/ 02:03 Requested refund (what and how much): Bag with an smg x117 (silencer, clip) inside, ball, flashlight, pistol .50cal(silencer, clip), chocolate, parachute, radio, shotgun 15x, knife. Description of incident resulting in loss: I was trying to get bike on the platform and i got it in water which is okay, but after i got into water i got injured by bike somehow. Evidence of loss: http://prntscr.com/ko0scu | https://streamable.com/3z0h0 Comments: no comments
  2. ezys_

    Zipties for criminals

    I think there should be like rebel/criminal training or advanced training, that would allow you to get zip ties and other stuff. Requirements would be like lot xp or a lot of money or even both, so they would know how to use them. Advanced training can have maybe armor or some better clothing or even heavy guns maybe ? Just a thought about everything. even tho +1 for zip ties