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    Vincent Amato Punishment Appeal

    Thank you for respond, but can you please explain me how I acted as a middle man ?
  2. Account name: sarpasak Character name(s): Vincent Amato Admin who issued punishment: NoBodyLTU Date of punishment: 2018-10-10 Punishment received: Permanent ban Reason given for punishment: Real World Trading Your explanation of what happened: Hello, everything happened on 9 October 2018. One guy ,which I met on game offered me do „All in“ in poker ( you bet all your money before flop ). He said: If you win I give you my Jester ( Fully modded without suspension ) and house in mirror park, but If you lose you give me 300000$ and a house in sandy shores. He didn't have the money, so we betted 1500$ ( minumum state ) whoever wins gets the prize. I won, he sold me the stuff for 1$ ( ,because it's the lowest price you can sell for. You can't just past the stuff ) . After few hours I met Maksymilian Kaluza ( he's a good friend of mine ) I told him what happened and he offered me 500000$ for House in sandy shores, house in mirror park ( the one I won ) and a Jester. He said the stuff is for his friends. He said he don't have the money at the moment ,so we made a deal he will pay as soon as he gets the money from his friends ( around 2 real life days ) .I sold him the houses and Jester for 1$ each . That's basically it, If this is not the reason why I got permanent ban then I don't know why. Why should your appeal be accepted?: My appeal should be accepted ,because I didn't trade my in-game stuff for something in real life. I don't know what you thought and I don't blame or anything. I have almost 100000 experience. Spent about 700 hours into this server. I'm one of the „Chambers Brothers“ leaders. We have big plans for the future, I'm very excited about the new gang system ( Gang application. We were one of the first gangs which created the application post in player factions, just mentioning ) for sure I don't want to leave this server . Post any evidence or further details: Sadly ,I don't have any evidence, didn't thought I will get banned for gambling ( I only record with shaddow replay, so I didn't capture ) . With all due respect -Vincent Amato
  3. kaspa951

    [SELLING] Oracle XS

    (( sarpasak#3111 )) #5037291
  4. kaspa951

    [SELLING] Oracle XS

    I'd like to talk about the price
  5. kaspa951

    [BUYING] Lynx, Oracle,

    Looking to buy a Lynx or Oracle (( dc: sarpasak#3111 )) #5037291
  6. kaspa951

    [SELLING] Oracle XS

    Wrong number
  7. kaspa951

    Suggestion about werehouse

    Where should I ask then?
  8. Hello ,so we are pretty new gang in town „Medellin“ and we are looking for werehouse. I found these 2 inactive gangs „Ballas“ and „The serpents“ and I wanted to ask permission to declare war between our gang and one of those two and take their werehouse. Proof that they are inactive: