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  1. sorry , i cant upload the video because of my internet , you can close the report anyway its vey very old
  2. Im not in my country right now and i'll be back after few days and i cant upload the video now
  3. are you sure its for no reason ? you scammed me in 35k and said for no reason and i told you im gonna kick the members who i brought them but you didnt listen to me so thats your problem not mine and guess what you put me as Co director because i give you money when you ask me for because you told me that you are going to give me all my money back but you didnt .. any admin please go ahead and read the full report , this guy killing me .. @BallinByNature @Serthon @Charlie Mangione
  4. is thats your more details ? lol you put this pictures 2 times ...
  5. please give us a proof that you didnt scam me in 35k you said you will put more evidences when you get home , why you didnt give it to us ?
  6. and i'll not talk with you again until the admin respond ..
  7. you killing me with your english , please put a proof that you didnt scam me in 35k ..
  8. And you have to be honest and stop lying You will not tell me what i have to do , im said im not talking with you , i give the proof to the admins ..
  9. im just talking to the admins not to you 🙂 and this proof means no body got a car like yours at the same time and it was on the same road and at the time is close 🙂
  10. the website is bugged so i'll drop the information here Player(s) being reported: Mask 5554_2768 Date of rule breach: 2018-09-11 Time of rule breach: N/A Your characters name: Jamie Smith Other players involved: None Specific rule broken: insulting in forums How did the player break the rule?: i reported this guy here , and when he got banned he started insults in the private messages
  11. i want to add something , he took 20k from me because i died by a bug in poker he said give me it and i'll save it for you until respawned but he played poker with all my money and as you can see in the pictures he said he won 60k and lost it all and didnt give me my money back after 5 hours he asked me to give him 15k for the new members ( because he want to buy guns for them ) i gave him the money but he didnt refuned it , when i started to talk with him about my money he said what about scamming people by selling them heavy guns like ak-47 and m4 and shotguns and rob them i told him thats not allowed because the maximum for scamming is 15k he said thats no problem after that he got banned for vdm , i asked him for my money he said in steam if he got unbanned he will not give me it back
  12. i brought like 5 members and i kicked them and there was 2 of them told me they wanna leave so i removed them the other players was fake because its vlad's another accounts , and i got this picture from the forums
  13. gold123


    so , how should the high ranks see it ? lol its from our real life so i can do the same .. its not a movie
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