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  1. Hello

    My name is Charlie Haymitch and I am writing to you because yu have decided to cancel my taxi job interview, because you claimed that I haven't showed up. As a matter of fact I did show up for the interview. I was interviewed my Mr. Alba Bus. Unfortunately the dream of becoming a taxi driver has been delayed as I couldn't complete the driving test. I was told to come back next week for another shot at the interview.

    Best wishes


    1. Gerard


      Your application status has been updated, prepare for your re-evaluation at the next interview, good luck.


  2. Cabbie Report - stranger 8583-1955

    Thank you for your report, we'll get in touch with the specified taxi driver and resolve the issue. Regards, Downtown Cab Co.
  3. Got kicked for no reason?

    Mr. Celso, The Management reviewed your case and based on the information available, considering your absence without informing us and not showing up for work you were relieved from your duties. For further questions contact an employee of HR management. Regards, Downtown Cab Co.
  4. About us We are known to fulfill the requirements of our clients. We focus mainly on transportation and rental of exclusive cars. We have have recently bought Downtown Cab Co's old premises in El Burro, doing a huge make over. Downtown Cab co. will offer you by the far the best taxi service in Los Santos. Our rates are low and we have good routines which will make you to use us again. Our staff is trained and will always be on time. Our Location You can find us in El Burro! "In transit since 1922"
  5. Hunting update

    Here's suggested something similar.
  6. Hey I saw that my application for taxi was rejected. What can I do to improve it?
  7. Hello Gerard, my name is Gu Kretzer and can I know why I was Rejected in Downtown Cab Co.? Thank you
  8. Taxi blacklist - would work as a timer for the specified person. You set a time for how long the specified person can`t call a taxi(Could be as a section in F4 menu with all the blacklisted people), should be assigned to be used by specified group. Cool-down timer - for the person calling a taxi ((/taxi)) persay 4-5 times in 5 second period. Option to see who is on duty- on call, on duty - free, off duty. A menu with all the requested calls and buttons to “Accept a call”, and "Delivered" afterwards also “Assign a call”(Assigns a call to the closest driver or specified driver) only for specified group. After a driver has accepted a call show who has accepted it. If a player "disconnect`s - crashes" the accepted "goes back" to the call list. Show distance for every call how far it is to the caller from each driver before accepting. When the driver has accepted the call after the delivery the driver has to press “Delivered” button for the call to "disappear". (It can be a section in faction menu F4) Command for standby(Time period 3 min). Ability to do CPR or/and first aid (prolongue death) as a taxi driver until the medic arrive. Medics could provide course on teaching the above. Show the caller how far is the driver who accepted his call. Review system for a driver, a customer can enter a command after his trip while in the car to rate the driver.( ex. /ratetrip (id) 1-5) One person could rate a driver once a day. Job based statistics,show how many hours a player has been on duty, paychecks received,rating, miles driven while on duty, people delivered, average distance per call. The taxi sign on top of the cab should light up if it’s available(after accepting a call it dims off). Taxi meter visible also for the driver. Ability to disable the taxi meter. An option to lock separate car doors. Cancellation fee - could depend on the distance traveled to the caller before he cancels the call. Several vehicles(Rental Shuttle Bus - optimized for more people, limo, luxury vehicles). Actually accessible headquarters, which we can enter. (Similar to PD or LSMD), Can be located at different place and the "Downtown Cab co." location could be used as a car depot. Not that I don`t like our barrel-wooden table improvisation where we attain our interviews. Option to mute faction chat. Isolate radio (/r). For example if I`m inside a car and use radio(/r) the person outside the car would not be able to hear it.
  9. If I`am not mistaken there is already an option with which You can give Your apartment keys to other player.
  10. As mentioned above, co - owning, the idea would be that the owner of business could have a co - owner, who has the same abilities as the owner to manage a business. Pretty much the same as in factions. Business accounts (Company`s account), as our salary comes in "different" bank account, the money acquired from businesses could also have separate bank account, which would not interfere with the salary account. The separate account would offer opportunity for the company to make savings and plans on the growth of the company. It would also open possibilities such as giving money bonuses to the employees (for example for car salesman for the the dealership if You hire one). Long story short - enhance the Role-play. And there could be an option to add more people who is allowed to use the previously mentioned account. Gerard