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  1. Maybe increase the prison time, but add in ways for people to reduce their prison time by doing jobs inside prison or just simply RPing with others instead of standing AFK, so basically long as their character is on the move instead of standing idle their time will reduce faster.
  2. It seems that this issue has resolved itself, this bug report can be closed if you wish as I am unsure on how to replicate the bug.
  3. Date and time (provide timezone): 6:30AM - 6:50AM EST Character name: Randall Stamper Issue/bug you are reporting: Don't have access to anything involving my house checkpoint including the "E Menu", "Lock/Unlock", and "Y Access". Expected behavior: Checkpoint is suppose to be working. Evidence, notes worth mentioning, steps to replicate: Last time I left my house I locked it, and then pressed "Y", it teleported me behind my house instead of placing me at the front door as it normally does. Vehicle license plate number*: *** House Number: Los Santos Freeway. 11 ***
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    Delete thread please.
  5. Not much goes on here in Blaine County… Well from the perspective of a Los Santos city slicker that is. Out here tensions have been on the rise, and the people are starting to get concerned. Word travels fast through the County since there’s not a whole lot to do, other than gossip, play poker, or slave your life away on the farm. With the recent news coming through the grapevine about the gangs coming and disturbing the peace in the community, the Good Ol’ Boys have started to take notice. It’s known that out in Los Santos the gangs are the real ones in control. People are getting shot everyday while the Police force is struggling to keep shit under control, but out here in Blaine County it's always been a quiet atmosphere. Yeah you have your occasional meth lab explosion, or grocery store robbery but what town doesn't? We’re just a bunch of low-income people trying to get by and live a simple life, but with the recent gang activity spreading into parts of the County, things are starting to heat up. The town folks have started staying up later at night in fear of getting their cars broken into or stolen, and everybody, I mean everybody is sleeping with a shotgun near their bed, it’s just not the same. Its rumored that a few members of the community have formed a group called The Dirty Dozen, to try and put a stop to the rapid spread of gang violence. From what the locals have been saying it seems as if The Dirty Dozen have adopted some of the tactics from the street gangs of Los Santos. Some of these tactics include drug trafficking and the importation of firearms. Not much else is known about The Dirty Dozen, they seem to be a reclusive bunch and keep their business to themselves, they live by one rule which is “You respect us, we respect you”. The Good Ol' Boys aims to create a realistic countryside community roleplay atmosphere. This community includes normal everyday citizens as well as the criminal element known as "The Dirty Dozen". As of this moment the Good Ol' Boys community is based in Sandy Shores and will expand further into Blaine County in the future. Anyone may join The Good Ol' Boys community as long as they live in Blaine County, but our focus of roleplay will be in Sandy Shores. Members of the community who work in legal factions can join The Good Ol’ Boys but joining The Dirty Dozen side of the faction will be case by case and all based on In Character decisions. XP REQUIREMENTS There is no XP requirement to join The Good Ol' Boys community but If you want to try and join The Dirty Dozen the required amount of XP you must have is 7500. The reasoning behind this number is so that we can encourage new players to join the community and learn to roleplay better and learn more about the server, if necessary, while simultaneously developing their character within the faction. If you do join The Good Ol' Boys community but are not part of The Dirty Dozen, you are still allowed to engage in illicit activities though if you cause problems in the community you may meet The Dirty Dozen in a not so polite way. KNOWLEDGE OF SERVER RULES All players in the faction are required to have a full understanding of all In Character and Out of Character server rules. If you fail to abide by these rules, and consistently break them, we will remove you from the faction. - Restore order back to Blaine County. - Create a safe atmosphere for business owners to thrive in Blaine County. - Conserve the Wildlife and Agriculture of Blaine County. - Establish connections for Weapons with organizations in Los Santos. - Attempt to create peace with gangs of Los Santos who conduct certain business in Blaine County.
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    Well I don’t know about everyone else but every time I have attempted to RP with the Zeta’s or Irish outside of an NCZ area such as the bank, I either get accused of something or just straight up get robbed. From what I have read about the server it is supposed to be a heavy RP server, I just think it would be nice to be able to have non-violent RP outside of the NCZ areas occasionally, not saying don’t rob people obviously, but maybe some more casual RP is all because right now as I said before if you see “X” color car all that goes through your mind is “Here we go again” people shouldn’t have to sit at the bank all day just to get casual RP. As far as I am aware you won’t be able to remove the serial number from a weapon purchased at a gun store, I assume you could RP doing it yes but still yet eventually those guns if sold are going to transition hands a few times and keeping track of all that will be nearly impossible, which will result in the gun license getting revoked from the person who originally purchased the gun am I wrong? If not, then what has really changed? People will just have an ALT character that buys guns and /me’s removing the serial numbers from them with a few screen shots.
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    Delete Inactive.
  8. While I think making guns more difficult to get is a great idea, I do however see an issue of a certain two or three factions becoming more unstoppable than they already are. I don't think the new update is exactly problem, I think official factions forming an alliance and doing only insider trading will eventually bottleneck the RP for other factions that are not allied with them, but then again that is all an IC issue within itself.
  9. Good shit, was waiting for this thread to pop up, RP'd with you guys the other day and it was great.
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