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  1. Balucared12

    Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

  2. Balucared12

    New Paramedic uniforms.

    +1 Simple, refreshing change.
  3. Balucared12


    Any admins have an answer about interiors?
  4. Balucared12


    Yes this was my idea as well although I don't know about the interiors of a restaurant i don't think gta has any.
  5. Balucared12


    Hey everybody I don't know if my suggestions will still be listened too but. An idea I had been holding on to for so long was a restaurant, not just any, Maybe a nice classy one where people can go to sit down to eat and discuss business. This I was hoping would also open up new jobs and we could have an Owner to the place, Also how awesome would a food delivery job be. Something to think about. Helps spend more realistic dollars on meals instead of grapes. As well as add whole new type of roleplay.
  6. Balucared12


    Somehow duped (DELETED)
  7. Do your job

    I did nothing wrong you can clearly see the video starts late lol

    1. Jetbino


      Not to mention he fail RPs by having a bad crash like that and instantly driving up to you and shit talking. It even states in the rules its a hostile action.

    2. Balucared12


      You're talking about him right? Shotting was the last thing on my mind...


    3. Balucared12


      I just can't beleive my first 4 days on this server I get banned for doing nothing and got no support.