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  1. Coke Swiss

    Account name: Character name(s):coke Swiss Admin who issued punishment:Senior team Date of punishment:Janurary Reason given for punishment: Your explanation of what happened:I cheated in a game thats not competitive when peer pressured to use a player made menu. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I know what I did was wrong I am ready to come back deliver quality RP and help new players. I was honest from the beginning even ratting on the player who I know was cheating as well. Furthermore I really just want to be given one last chance and would accept another perm ban if I did as much as even call someone a "wingnut" Post any evidence or further details:
  2. 2girls1pig - Timothy Whalley (Punishment Appeal)

    Clearly this was a terrible time in the server for all of us. I know Tim must be missed and he certainly blew my mind at how nice and helpful he was to other players. +1 sorry for commenting on another appeal. Tim no hard feeling about before.
  3. Coke Swiss

    I do not know what happened to the format I tried fixing... Not happening.
  4. Coke Swiss

    Account name:Balucared12 Character name(s):Coke Swiss Admin who issued punishment: Senior admin team. Date of punishment:November I believe. Reason given for punishment:Unlimited ammo clips. Why should your appeal be accepted?:I believe it is most certainly too early to have another chance. I understand this so I will keep it short. Unlike many many other people in this server who has been guilty of breaking a rule, Or modding as i did. Has not been honest when approached but instead tries to snake snake their way out of the punishment. From day ONE when ballin came to me having quibbles about recent community modding I was immediately without hesitation truthful. i told him what I was doing how I got the menu where the menu came from who was using it among other things. From the moment I was caught I have been 100 percent forthcoming to every party involved. Why did I cheat to begin with? Because I am in Canada and the server being hosted in the EU has bad latency issues. These were hand-liable Until the desync one update got so bad that no bullets would work. I don't need to tell anyone how expensive bullets are and me being me and stupid went ahead and decided to mod. Of course this inst an excuse, but rather, The truth as to why I did it. Anyways id like to end by saying if or when I am allowed back into Eclipse once again you will not recognize me as Coke Swiss I will be a better friendlier community member. Thanks for reading -Josh Post any evidence or further details:
  5. [Appeal] Timothy Whalley (ballin told me to)

    "That guy" Well known to be Quans cousin. I just have a Question for ya Tim why did you sell your Windsor drop for 50 bucks my dude? Remember I sent you the money for Quan and then like 2 minutes later Quan owned the Windsor drop. Weird right?
  6. Server Wipe upon moving to RAGE

  7. [Appeal] Timothy Whalley

    Idk man I have pretty clear evidence you were selling ig shit for irl money haha :)
  8. Coke Swiss

    Account name:Balucared Character name:Coke Swiss, Andrew Johnson, Rollo Ollo, Marcus Angelico Reason of Punishment:Hacking like an idiot Administrator:Senior team Why should this appeal be accepted? Honestly as for WHY there aren't many reason other than I am so unbelievably lost without it It has been exactly 9 days since I Coke Swiss otherwise known as Josh received a fair and understandable punishment from the GTA roleplay server Eclipse. After making a farewell post, I made a bigger mistake commenting on Ray's Appeal which I should not have. There's alot of things I should not have done during my time at Ecplise.I am, in words, lost. Sure I've played video games all my life. Never though never have I ever come across something so special so unique so amazingly put together. A community of like minded individuals playing a style of grand theft auto most haven't even began to dream of. The obvious question everyone would have "Well if you love it so much why did you cheat" Never did I think it was a good idea. In the time I knew it was a bad idea but what did I care? Afterall I'm a drug dealer working at McDonald's I didn't realize that Ecplise was actually a priority in my life. Maybe that sounds pathetic but if I've learned anything these past 9 days it's how empty I feel without my friends and alternate egos to play with. Do I EXPECT anything? Well other than reading this and perhaps passing it on or sharing with people how insanely sorry I am. I don't even have a clean record outside of this hacking ban. I feel so unbelievably fucking stupid I don't know what to do... I don't want to say goodbye I don't. I know you've heard all this before but I can ASSURE you none of this is rhetoric this is straight from the bottom of my heart. -Josh Burleigh Edit: I am willing to do whatever it takes. I'm working on myself this year in many ways. This is one of the things. I don't just want to come back I want to come back with a fresh attitude to EVERYONE in eclipse regardless of any kind of drama I may have had with them. This is a new year and with that comes a new Josh.
  9. New Paramedic uniforms.

    +1 Simple, refreshing change.
  10. Automatic Fine Deduction

    +1 I can personally say that when I did NOT pay my tickets I was wanted and essentially hunted whenever I showed my face in the city, Which wasn't fun so I payed them. There is absolutely an incentive its called warrants.
  11. Restaurant

    Any admins have an answer about interiors?
  12. Coke Swiss Discord

    Account name:Balucared Character name:Coke swiss Reason of Punishment:Mod Menu Administrator:Senior admin team Why should this appeal be accepted? I love eclipse and would like to keep up with the Community announcements and events. Maybe sometime down the road I could be given another chance to prove myself as a useful member of the community. I understand it takes a second to lose all trust, and it takes time to gain it back. Which is why maybe discord would be helpful for me to keep up to date and perhaps show people slowly but surley I can be responsible enough to join back into my favorite pas time. -Josh#2529
  13. Restaurant

    Yes this was my idea as well although I don't know about the interiors of a restaurant i don't think gta has any.
  14. Restaurant

    Hey everybody I don't know if my suggestions will still be listened too but. An idea I had been holding on to for so long was a restaurant, not just any, Maybe a nice classy one where people can go to sit down to eat and discuss business. This I was hoping would also open up new jobs and we could have an Owner to the place, Also how awesome would a food delivery job be. Something to think about. Helps spend more realistic dollars on meals instead of grapes. As well as add whole new type of roleplay.